The 22 group of mainland tourists burned car case claims victims each awarded 1 million 430 thousand stellarium

The 22 group of mainland tourists burned car case claims victims each awarded 1 million 430 thousand original title: 22 people Lu guest group fire car case claims victims in determining each awarded 1 million 430 thousand Chinese Taiwan news network November 16th   in July 19th this year, Liaoning, mainland tourists in Taiwan the burning vehicle accident, according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the Taiwan authorities’ Ministry of transportation today (16 days) that the victims of insurance claims, called for claims shall prepare documents are the families of the victims have been completed claim remittance operations. According to reports, the Ministry pointed out that killed 24 mainland tourists, there are 23 people and the industry reached a settlement. Each of the victims will be included "compulsory automobile liability insurance", "passenger transport passenger liability insurance", "passenger transport passenger transport insurance" and "travel agency liability insurance and other insurance, a total of NT $6 million 640 thousand (about RMB 1 million 432 thousand) claim. Reported that the 23 victims of the settlement of the family claims operations, in addition to 1 victims because the claimant files are not complete yet claims, the rest of the 22 families of the victims claim documents required by the Taiwan foundation after the completion of verification, by the insurance company to be completed early this month in the remittance. The remaining 1 of the families of the victims due to lack of relevant documents to the insurance company claims, still unable to complete the payment. After obtaining the document and the text book verification, the insurance company can continue to do claims remittance. Reported that request the other 1 victims of human rights has not yet reached a settlement with the industry, by the insurance company "compulsory automobile liability insurance" Xianhengpeifu NT $2 million. Background 7· 19 Liaoning burning car case: Liaoning group entered Taiwan in July 12th, 19 days to go to Taoyuan airport flight back to the mainland in the morning, Taiwan highway 2 West to 2.8 km burst fire. Within a short time the fire and burn the whole car, killing all 24 tourists from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan a total of 26 drivers and tour guides. This is the most serious car accident in the history of Taiwan traffic. Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office on September 10th in the afternoon held a press conference, announced the "7· 19" fire tour car incident investigation results, the Department of drunk driving, the driver splashed gasoline, set on fire and burned Dutch act, the other passengers in the car. Source: Taiwan China network editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: