The 4 baby becomes yellow face with these methods were comparable to maternal and child 20 years old 爱多vcd

The 4 baby becomes yellow face with these methods was comparable to 20 year old girl – this is a 40 year old mother Sohu freaky Jennifer Gelman and her four sons, two of the largest minimum age of eight she is a doctor of education, gave birth to four sons after she resigned from the work of Professor, returning home to start a full-time freaky. Every day in addition to take care of four kids living life, there are a lot of housework to do, due to poor management, even if the child is born, her body still has not recovered… She… My body more unconfident, so she worked out a set of household fitness model, while with the children while doing the housework lose weight, threefold! When the children wash dishes, just beside the side kick brush pot! Fold the plate with the child, and then take three times each plate. Let the four children take turns to pass the dishes, and take their frogs! Do housework on the upside down, let the children around the turn, she does housework and children with so clever! Do not buy food to buy food back, carrying a bag, the crab run amuck house lizard fly over the walls. Finally put the bags back to the kitchen, let the children sitting in rows, the mother is on the side of inverted guide their classification. The classification is good, the floor is the children get dirty quickly to clean the floor! Single leg squat step, sweeping the floor, and children have a clear division of labor, boring chores also interesting! In such a position to wipe the ground, the way to do a whole body movement, hands, feet, waist, buttocks are used! Even if the clothes are dry, but also 90 degrees squat! Home at home do not need a professional fitness equipment, children’s bed is the best fitness equipment! "Baby, mom to do well?" Pro a reward! Even the youngest son, will learn mother squat jump! Usually play games with children, is mom and fitness… All of the physical training, have become a game with children, the home becomes a gym! Outside the balcony, and not just the sun is so simple. Mother waist, let the child riding a car through the tunnel! As long as a skateboard, will be able to play with the children in the afternoon. Even the bathtub is the gym! Go out to play with four children to go out, my mother became a female avatar! Before driving must first put a stand, the children are ready to start again! Mother and child!相关的主题文章: