The 50 naval ships in the India Regatta only 1 country invited to-freelander2

The 50 naval ships in the India regatta in only 1 invited refused to show India sea power, India Navy sent the largest warships "Vic Rama TIA" aircraft carrier to participate in review. Foreign media said, India 4 began to hold international maritime reading style, from 50 countries Naval Fleet ships gathered in the east coast of India. Meanwhile, the New Delhi authorities are seeking to expand India’s influence in the region. According to BBC Chinese network reported on February 5th, this is the second time the India Navy held an international maritime reading style. 90 ships of the United States, France, the United Kingdom and China’s naval fleet participated in the international maritime watch ship style in the bay of bengal. Preside over the review of the Indian Navy chief of staff Dao Wan said, the international fleet review activities will enhance naval cooperation, marine safety, stability and security is a collective responsibility". Million told New Delhi TV, "as you have seen, all ships gathered there, is to carry out mutual cooperation, to show how to interact with each other and cooperate, make the global waters safe and reliable." He admitted that Pakistan was the only country invited, but did not send ships to participate in the international maritime watch ship style, but he would not talk more about it. In recent years, China’s strategic influence in the India ocean is growing day by day, and India is committed to demonstrating maritime defense capabilities to protect its trade lanes. In recent years, China, including submarines and warships, often haunts India ocean by striking pirates and protecting important trade routes, which makes the India Navy feel threatened. When asked Chinese this time to send warships to participate in, and China in India ocean influence gradually increased, Tao Wan said a large number of trade and oil transportation Chinese go through India ocean, India ocean, in fact has become the World Ocean Center, because 66% of the world’s oil, 50% and 33% of freight container transportation to pass through India ocean. This means that the Tao Wan said, in the India ocean if there is any adverse trade barriers and oil transport, not only affect the regional economy, but also affect the global economy, so there are a lot of other naval ships in India ocean. In order to show the strength of India ocean, the India Navy sent the largest warships "Vic Rama TIA" aircraft carrier to participate in international maritime regatta.

中美等50国舰船参加印度阅舰式 仅1国受邀拒绝 为展现印度海洋力量,印度海军派出最大的战舰“维克拉玛蒂亚”号航空母舰参加检阅。   外媒称,印度4日开始举行国际海上阅舰式,来自50个国家的海军舰队船舰齐聚印度东部海岸。与此同时,新德里当局正寻求扩大印度在这个地区的影响力。   据BBC中文网2月5日报道,这是印度海军第二次举行国际海上阅舰式。   美国、法国、英国和中国海军舰队的90艘舰船在孟加拉湾参加国际海上阅舰式。   主持这次检阅的印度海军参谋长道万说,国际舰队检阅活动将增进海军合作,海洋的“安全、稳定和保安”是“集体责任”。   道万接受新德里电视台采访时说,“正像你所见到的那样,所有的舰船齐聚在那里,都是为了开展相互合作,展现如何与彼此互动及合作,让全球海域安全可靠。”   道万坦承,巴基斯坦是唯一受邀但没有派舰船参加这次国际海上阅舰式的国家,但他不愿再多谈。   中国近年来在印度洋的战略影响力与日俱增 ,印度正致力展现海上防御能力,以保护其贸易航道。   中国这几年包括潜艇、军舰经常以打击海盗、保护重要贸易航道为由出没印度洋,让印度海军倍感威胁。   当被问到中国这次也派军舰参加,及中国在印度洋逐渐增强影响力时,道万说,中国大量的贸易和石油运输都要经过印度洋,事实上印度洋已成世界海洋重心,因为全球有66%的石油、50%的集装箱运输、33%的货运量要经过印度洋。   道万指出,这意味着在印度洋如果对贸易与石油运输有任何不利的障碍时,不仅仅影响区域经济,也同样影响全球经济,因此有大量其他海军的军舰在印度洋活动。   为展现印度海洋力量,印度海军这次派出最大的战舰“维克拉玛蒂亚”号航空母舰参加国际海上阅舰式。相关的主题文章: