The Arctic seabed came out of the mysterious sound of the Canadian military investigation t6570

Arctic submarine came out of the mysterious sound of the Canadian military investigation of the original title: the Arctic seabed spread mysterious jingle sound of the Canadian military investigation data: arctic. In new network on 5 November, according to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) Chinese network reported that Canadian officials said the military is investigating from the Arctic sea "jingle" mysterious sound. This summer, the strange sound in the eastern Canadian Arctic near Greenland in Nunavut to be heard. Locals say the strange noise has scared animals all over the past few months. There was a lot of sea life on the open surface of the ice, but there were few animals in the summer, so people were guessing. There is usually a humpback whale and other seals are usually different migration routes, but this year the animal have not been there. Ottawa’s defense officials say the strange sound can be heard through the hull. Officials said 4, military aircraft in the relevant area of a variety of sensor search. But the military said it had not been able to explain the unusual sound so far, and that the people on the plane did not detect any suspicious signals from the water and the water. The crew saw only 2 head of whale and 6 walrus. Canadian media put forward many theories on this mysterious voice, however, these inferences involving mineral company denied homework in the relevant areas, environmental organizations also denied any relationship, the military also said there is no Canadian or foreign military submarines there. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: