The Australian vocational union north single recommendation behind Melbourne City win – Sohu index

The Australian vocational union north single recommendation: Melbourne city Sohu win index behind the Australian vocational union recommended: Melbourne city VS Adelaide United start time: 2016-10-28 16:50 Friday: 1.75 3.70 3.62 compensate compensate: 1.02 half 0.80 soccer SMG recommended: 3 Beijing single field (main 1 ball) recommended: 31 score recommended: 2-1 or 3-1 this Friday afternoon, the Australian vocational union fourth first round match, Melbourne city will lead the home court against Adelaide united. Melbourne city open season state well, the first 3 League Round 2 wins and 1 losses, although the last round of the League to 2 than 3 defeat to Perth glory, but they immediately in the Australian fa? Quasi final 2 to 0 victory over city rivals Melbourne victory into the tournament finals, also finished strong rebound, so Melbourne city recently state is still worthy of trust. Adelaide first 3 league games without victory, the Melbourne city open season was better than others, while Melbourne city is under the existing home court is worth to see the high line. The disc open the Lord let a ball by injection, to win more support for the home team. Two teams in the last 2 meetings in Melbourne city are big score lost, the handicap but support the home team battles. The city of Melbourne in the past 4 games in all competitions are game scoring 2 goals or more, during the summer to return to Australia’s Cahill has received another goal? Attack F. Burton also in 3 consecutive games in all competitions to break, believe that they will be in this battle to shoulder the responsibility for the team rattling, and the state is good the city of Melbourne’s home court The horses and men are strong. winning value.相关的主题文章: