The boss side suction hood 27a3 evaluation the United States overhangs suction clean-exit safe mode

The boss side suction hood 27A3 evaluation: the United States overhangs suction clean?? Chinese traditional cooking habits that hood has become a key part of our kitchen, fume suction effect directly determines the kitchen air clean index. Known as the large suction said the boss, in 2016 focused on the introduction of the line of lampblack machine 27A3, with 19m? Min large suction, so many home fans look forward to for a long time. Today, Xiao Bian came to the boss of the electrical company, this has a beautiful appearance and large suction hood, a close evaluation. The following is the evaluation report, look at it. The boss hood 27A3 first impression — tight packaging intact?? in the evaluation of the scene, the boss of electrical staff will not old lampblack machine board 27A3 brought to us apart. We first look at the packing box tightly, with logo, the boss of electrical boss hood 27A3 product model, product and encoding, 3C certified safety signs. In addition, in order to facilitate the use of the user, the package also has the official website of the official website of WeChat two-dimensional code, the boss of electrical customer service two-dimensional code. Open the packaging box, which is equipped with the owner of the 27A3 product itself, but also equipped with the installation of small components, such as: smoke tube, check valve, aluminum foil paper, screws, etc.. The boss hood 27A3 appearance observation – the United States and a new height?? the boss hood 27A3 with black tempered glass panel together to create, is located in the underside of the panel cup, made of stainless steel material, the same one, giving the "fashion, beautiful feeling. The smoking chamber placed in the middle position of the front side of the hood, compared to the smoke chamber at the lower end of the rope, and better effect of smoking tobacco. The boss hood 27A3 operating panel presentation — infrared induction waved can be manipulated?? the boss hood is provided with an operation panel 27A3: lighting, strong wind, weak windshield, power button and stir file with infrared induction function." Among them, the boss has a 27A3 infrared sensor function, which is the highlight of the machine. Have the infrared sensing function advantage is: when we carry out a large amount of cooking or frying, only need to hand in the distance within the scope of the key 375px stir gently waving, stir to open the function, strong stir during smoking. In addition, when we cook, hands stained with grease, greasy fingers difficult to operate on the touch interface function of lampblack machine, lampblack machine boss infrared induction of 27A3, will play its convenience, not a finger touch operation, you can open the hood stir, let cook variable the more relaxed. The boss hood 27A3 suction test — strength to take large suction?? in addition to infrared sensing function, the boss hood 27A3 also has a large suction 19m? Min, as a side of the hood face value, this value is quite good performance. The test site, we will be different weight items, placed in the mouth, open the 27A3 large air volume mode suction test. The test found that, whether it is thin paper, or relatively heavy bowl plate, the boss.相关的主题文章: