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The Chinese first brand "the Month Club South South love love the month club was founded in Taiwan in 2008 2011 to enter the mainland China and open the overseas journey, has accumulated tens of thousands of service families, world-renowned Chinese world. Dunnan love was the only one for 5 consecutive years won the Taiwan official medical regulators "Taiwan Health Bureau certification highest honors Award" in the month of service institutions, and the establishment of the month club industry the highest standard of the 9 leading industry, the month club. As the industry "supervision", provide technical guidance for the South love native Taiwan, Malaysia and the mainland city of the month club multi center. After many years of professional experience in advancing South: love the month club 000 service mom, professional nursing service is certainly consistent; 25 stores will be practical and professional month of service from Taiwan extended to the mainland as well as other Chinese world. Let the energy of love, through professional delivery, make the world more happy. Dunnan love is a bearer of happiness bridge, undertake to greet a new life, a happy family, a woman become a mother, in truth and love to take care of the body and mind, we believe that love is the object of faith, unlimited extension. Into the "Internet plus" gene Dunnan love and mother net marriage century South love month club only for 5 consecutive years won the Taiwan official medical regulators "Taiwan Health Bureau certification highest honors Award"; the South’s love month club confinement meals through the international HACCP and ISO22000 certification. In 2008, brand creation: Dunnan love store opened in Taipei, the South love brand was established; in 2010, leading South: love the month clubs have set up in Taiwan, Taichung Taichung Sijhih Museum, became the first brand in Taiwan, in 2011, the month club; layout: Dunnan true love China, enter the month club, Shanghai Mi Yang month the club franchise, the layout of the new pattern, the month club franchise; in 2014, overseas: Dunnan love the month club completed 14 stores in mainland China strategic layout, and at the same time to open overseas journey; in 2015, dominating the Chinese world: Dunnan love the month Club accumulated service tens of thousands of families, become Chinese first month of service agencies; 2016 together, the South: love the month club and the Internet baby mother Chinese largest matrix network in strategic cooperation, city Comprehensive upgrade of the field strategy. Dunnan love to enter the mainland in 2011, when it is, the month club industry bud. After years of development, the real love has been opened in 14 cities in mainland China branch, but also constantly looking for a mother and child industry leader to carry out strong cooperation, a total market. Through the investigation and exploration of much domestic maternal industry, South love finally chose the mother network, fancy is mother years of the maternal Internet operation experience and the experience of senior maternal population service. While the mother network’s housekeeper app is the preferred application of domestic breeds breeding population, with extensive and in-depth of the month club target group. By covering the breadth and depth of the two sides can pregnant housekeeper app, fast focus maternal needs of people, at the same time through the platform 1相关的主题文章: