The eagle knight intends to exposure or deadline in Korver reconstruction unfccc

The eagle knight intends to exposure Korver at the end of the day or may jointly Korver reconstruction James? Sina sports news Beijing time on February 10th, according to ESPN reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers to the deadline before the Hawks marksman Kell Kyle Korver, in the transaction at the same time, the Hawks could break the core lineup. Last season, the Hawks won 60 in the regular season, the first in the east. But so far this season, they made only 30 wins and 24 losses, behind the eastern fifth. According to informed sources, the management of the Hawks being discussed internally split core lineup (Huo Fude Teague, and the possibility of coval). The focus is on Huo Fude, who is in the final year of the contract, so the Hawks must decide whether to renew his contract with him this summer, or to trade at the end of the day and get other valuable chips. Once the Hawks decide to trade, Boston, the Celtics, the Nuggets and the magic are interested. Considering the NBA more and more attention to the outside shot, three shot distracted hawks Kyle Korver has attracted much interest in the team, including the eastern part of the first knight. However, according to informed sources, the eagle may not let go by. According to ESPN reporter Wen de Khost received the news, the pelican tailike – Evans and also Asik in Cleveland in the radar range. (Rosen)

曝骑士有意科沃尔 老鹰或在截止日推倒重建 詹皇可能联手科沃尔?   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月10日,据ESPN报道,克里夫兰骑士队有意在交易截止日前得到老鹰队的神射手凯尔-科沃尔,与此同时,老鹰队可能会拆散目前的核心阵容。   上赛季,老鹰在常规赛取得60胜,东部第一。但本赛季至今,他们只取得30胜24负,暂列东部第五。   据知情人士透露,老鹰队的管理层正在内部讨论拆散核心阵容(霍福德、蒂格和科沃尔)的可能性。   目前的焦点主要集中在霍福德,他正处在合同的最后一年,因此老鹰队必须决定是今夏与他续约一份顶薪还是在截止日交易霍福德并换来其他有价值的筹码。   据悉,一旦老鹰决定交易霍福德,凯尔特人、掘金和魔术等队都有兴趣。   考虑到当今NBA越来越重视外线投篮,老鹰队的三分神射科沃尔已经引起了多支球队的兴趣,包括东部第一的骑士。但是据知情人士透露,老鹰可能不会放走科沃尔。   另据ESPN记者温德霍斯特得到的消息,鹈鹕队的泰里克-埃文斯和阿西克也在骑士队的雷达范围内。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: