The effect of Zhoushan’s largest children’s Park massive exposure-97179

Zhoushan’s largest children’s Park mass effect exposure, according to the Zhoushan municipal government information disclosure network news, September 19th, Zhoushan children’s Park project preliminary design review meeting held in the new town Haicheng building. City Management Committee, city construction and Management Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, City Land Bureau, city housing construction (Planning) bureau, City Civil Air Defense Office, city fire brigade and other relevant departments, the construction unit Haicheng Construction Co. Ltd., design units – Shanghai City Construction Engineering Design Institute Co. Ltd., and invited 5 experts attended the meeting. The meeting heard the construction units to carry out preparatory work for the project background, introduction, listened to the introduction and description of the preliminary design scheme of the design units, delegates and experts to conduct a review to speak, and refer to the design drawings and documents, after discussion, the formation of expert group opinions in principle to the preliminary design. Earlier media reports said the children’s Park will start this year. Site selection: on the south side of the Zhoushan children’s Park on the south side of the mountain, close to Hong Kong Island Road, West to the new town avenue, is an important East-West urban trunk road in the northern part of the new town. The six major themes of three dream park will be in accordance with the ethnic children’s preferences and Zhoushan ocean island characteristics, divided into 6 theme plates, respectively "dream bazaar" "dream entrance" "blue city" "Green Valley", "magic of Oz" and "mission set sail". The children’s Park will also be programmed according to the function of the amusement park. It mainly includes 7 functional zones, namely, dry water area, non power equipment area, South Square and East Square area, ecological recreation area, dynamic recreation area and waterfront leisure belt.

舟山最大儿童公园海量效果图曝光 据舟山市政府信息公开网消息,9月19日,舟山儿童公园项目初步设计评审会在新城海城大厦召开。新城管委会城市建设与管理局、市财政局、市国土局、市新城住建(规划)分局、市人防办、市消防支队等相关部门代表,建设单位—海城建设有限公司,设计单位—上海市建工设计研究院有限公司,以及邀请的5位专家参加了会议。会议听取了建设单位对项目背景、前期工作开展情况的介绍,听取了设计单位对初步设计方案的介绍与说明,与会代表及专家进行了评审发言,并查阅了设计图纸、说明文件,经过讨论,形成专家组意见—原则上同意该初步设计。此前有媒体报道说,儿童公园将在今年开工。选址:鼓吹山南侧舟山儿童公园选址南侧紧邻港岛路,西接新城大道,是新城北部重要的东西走向城市主干道。六大主题区三大梦幻族群公园将按照小朋友的喜好和舟山海洋海岛特色,划分出6大主题板块,分别为“梦之集市”“梦之入口”“湛蓝之城”“绿影山谷”“奇幻仙踪”和“使命启航”。 儿童公园还将根据游乐项目功能设定功能规划分区。主要包括7大功能分区,分别为旱地戏水区、无动力设备区、南广场及东广场区、生态游乐区、动感游乐区以及滨水休闲带。相关的主题文章: