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The election recommended: dream country foot fear wolves – world Sohu Nandi Central Asia contest: Uzbekistan VS China start time: 2016-10-11 21:00: 2.10 3.25 3.25 day Tuesday: 0.80 disc 1.05 Pingban soccer SMG recommended: 3 Beijing single field recommended: 3 score recommended: 1-0 or 2-0 in Uzbekistan in October 11th will be in the home court against China team. Uzbekistan is currently 2 wins and 1 negative 6 points ranked third in the group, the last 10 games is 8 wins and 2 outstanding performance, the play Chinese team is expected to add three points, the Gein Rick squad and will be sidelined for izmailov. 12 foot road race in the first Warring States 2-3 Hanfu Korea, back to the home court 0-0 draw with Iran during the national day, when the fans are optimistic about the Orangemen in Xi’an against group the weakest of Syria, but the reality is as face lost 0-1, can be said that the national football team qualify has become a luxury, strength compared to other teams. The A group in Syria not only weak. Think before the top 12 out of the 60 million FA China open win bonus, five-star hotel, away all machine and so on positive initiatives, in front of the result is how ironic, it is said that in the foot at Uzbekistan will also enjoy special services package, costs exceed 1 million. The disc for the game to open the Lord let hemisphere low water flat plate by injection of Uzbekistan, win more support, the compensate BET365 is early will win odds increased from 3.25 to 4.20 feet in winning almost hopeless. Two teams played 3 times in recent 2 wins and 1 losses prevail slightly, the battles Uzbekistan, also let the hemisphere country foot should not blind pursuit of good, recommended home court winning uzbekistan.相关的主题文章: