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The famous banker in a way of keeping good health: how to do "rejuvenescent" core tip: he proposed to participate in the dinner with you, why try running Nessler’s gymnastics, he said, "I am" people, general debility ten years’ practice, the people here are still effective; blood gas, filling body, sound organization, no spall mourning one, if using this method, the efficiency will be increased hundreds of times." But he also puts forward specific suggestions: "every morning will not wake up, will not play, a quilt pillow twenty or thirty minutes, are endless opportunities for life. If it is too cumbersome, or twenty or thirty minutes every morning to get up early, go to the one or two station, tram; or walk home; or go home after the wash eat things, are willing to do it yourself; or help Mrs. slightly divided’s work, there are benefits." He emphasized that no "tea to hand out rice to open", a home, I went to see the novel, motionless.   leaf Jingkui data figure: surging news network, this paper from the author: Liu Ping, the original title: China bankers: a way of keeping good health eat bread, do gymnastics "rejuvenescent" September 29, 1933 night at 6:30, Shanghai is located in the north of Sichuan Road, Haining road Hongkou dining room, Zhe Jiangxing banks with more than 240 people gathered for the row the chairman of Mr. Ye Kuichu’s birthday. Ye Kuichu (1874 – 1949), whose real name is Ye Jingkui, nicknamed A Lin, in words at the beginning, the volume called dark deposit lay, cover of vessel for food, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Republic of China famous industrialist, banker, bibliophile, has served as manager of ZTE, Hanyeping coal company ironworks Chairman, chairman of the Industrial Bank of Zhejiang. The year July 14th is the 60 birthday of Mr. Ye Kuichu. At that time, Mr. Ye Kuichu "in the country is in dire confusion, this people is the first Christmas period for circulation, the Mogan Mountain, through the summer, for avoiding real life also." And Mr. and Mrs. friends and relatives have the instrument, are not acceptable!" Therefore, after a lapse of several months, held in Hongkou in the dining room of the dinner, is happy to people "". Is the host Western-style food, for sailing young Western-style food, dishes to the rich. "Both the feast, the long belly hungry, bread first, gobble down, and sell soda and beer is especially big, there are a few short trend." During the meeting, Mr. Ye Kuichu said: "today is pleased to eat a lot of good food, thought that my life’s experience, no bully said to listen to you with a smile, to Bo you." Ye Kuichu was indeed weak, Chinese say "congenitally deficient". All the children when some diseases, such as diarrhea, infantile convulsion, Cu son, he almost always had. Fortunately his mother worked hard to nursing, but no death. "To nine years old, and suffering from diseases of the eye, eye black measling, white Jingsheng peel, eyes red, white and black eyes peel by Jingyan, and by extension to the left eye right eye. When only the eyedrops, no eyewash." His father asked, ‘Mr. Huang said cure, "Yin Fire", the prescription is raw, Radix Scrophulariae, phellodendron bark, Anemarrhena etc.. Eat 10 years old autumn, gradually see more. "By taking a post (the grandmother is cinnamon aconite eat medicine, re made conditioning). And eat the original side, eat eleven years of winter, Fang told the whole healing." But the body is very weak, we say he is "as thin as a threadpaper,.相关的主题文章: