The first day Wang Lu Interview with Longhu Lang good product speaks for itself

The first day Wang Lu: Interview with Longhu Lang they will talk a good product Tencent real estate news (editor Ye Zhengxin) Beijing eight "to the property market in Beijing poured a pot of cold water, the purchase of the full moon, new volume and price double down, buyers groups regain wait-and-see mood. A new round of adjustment period, property buyers should be how to pick a good room, developers how to create good housing? In November 3rd, the Tencent of Longhu opened the first day real estate interview Lang (real estate information) project marketing manager Wang Lu, interpretation of the Beijing property market regulation and Nancheng villa living way. In Wang Lu’s view, the main objective of this regulation is to reduce leverage, the risk of bank system, to prevent the emergence of the property market change radically, let the real estate market is more stable, more healthy development. "For property buyers, no matter how the market changes, as long as they can choose the right house according to their needs, you can." In Wang Lu view, the regulation will also promote the completion of an evolution of the property market, shuffling, good projects, products can stand out in this environment, not necessarily a bad thing." The first day of Longhu Lang project marketing manager Wang Lu [real estate Tencent of Longhu opened the first day of dialogue Lang project marketing manager Wang Lu]: why Nancheng Real Estate Tencent is the most "the taste of Beijing area? Wang Lu: Beijing, more than Beijing, said that Beijing is not a single city, but a number of centers. North University, Tsinghua University, is very strict, a pedant; West is hidden is expensive, Xishan, courtyard, very quiet, very secretive; East, China World Trade Center is CBD, very busy, very international. To the south, the most impressive is Tiantan, overpass, Beijing is the old cries. Including many of our customers who are old Beijing, a south axis, Beijing, should be no region with such strong life atmosphere, eat in the Jinyang restaurant; drink in Dashanlan; playing bridge, music in Taoranting Park. So we say, Nancheng is the most "Beijing flavor" of an area. Tencent property: Longhu chose to build such a villa in Nancheng original intention? Wang Lu: Beijing as a location for the international metropolis of the capital, there can be no development of short board. At present, relative to the East, West, north, the development of the south is not sufficient. At present, Beijing urban planning to the seven ring, as well as the integration of Beijing, Tianjin, so we are located in the southern ring area can be understood as the value of the main city of Beijing depression. From the beginning of 2009, 396 billion, Beijing investment Nancheng, which is a development oriented. At the same time, the Beijing Longhu, Beijing 10 years, in the East, North and West has a villa project distribution, but has not yet been done in Nancheng, villa projects, from the heart also hope to be able to fill the blank of the south. His years of experience to build villa show to Nancheng residents. And the choice of Yinghai plate, it is also considering Nancheng has the talent to go out is a park, the traffic is very convenient, developers often say a few days a few transverse longitudinal, Lang also, Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan opened at the end of this year, five, Huang Yilu, while the core project is "day Lang no traffic jams, Beijing traffic index ranked first in the country, there is no suspense, but to see de Xian Lu, Beijing should be a handful of traffic magic of Lang Road相关的主题文章: