The first section report Kobe 11+4 Davies 10 as the Lakers 26-28 Pelican – Sports Sohu truffe

The first section report: Kobe 11+4 Davies 10 as the Lakers 26-28 Pelican – Sports Sohu Beijing time on February 5th, the NBA regular season in 4 games, including the Lakers in the first quarter 26-28 behind the pelican. Among them, Kobe felt hot, he threw 5 in 9, contributed 11 points and 4 rebounds, and Davies also had 10 points. Clarkson hit the first ball, and Kobe is the two consecutive shots, while Cole hit a driving layup, but with the Randall 2+1 inside singles success, the lead to 11-2. After the pause, 1 of the 8 of the pelicans continued to attack restricted, while Kobe finished the iconic backward jump shot. Despite Horadi’s jump shot, Kobe immediately returned three points and helped the Lakers lead by 11 points. Since then, Davies 3 internal offensive success, he contributed 10 points in a single, but then Kobe broke out again, he grabbed two offensive rebounds, and then scored two attacks. With Kobe, who scored 10 points, was replaced, the pelican made a wave of 14-0, which reversed the score. The Lakers are 26-28 behind the pelican. The first: Cole, Jones, Davies, osik, Alonzo – Lakers Starters: Clarkson, Williams, Hibbert, Kobe, Randall (Luan Taiwan)

首节战报:科比11+4戴维斯10分 湖人26-28鹈鹕-搜狐体育  北京时间2月5日,NBA常规赛激战4场,其中湖人客场以第一节26-28落后鹈鹕。其中科比手感火热,他9投5中,贡献了11分4篮板,戴维斯也有10分入账。   克拉克森命中全场第一球,而科比则是连续两次投篮命中,尽管科尔突破上篮命中,但是随着兰德尔内线单打2+1成功,湖人以11-2领先。暂停之后,此前8投1中的鹈鹕继续进攻受限,而科比完成标志性后仰跳投。尽管替补霍勒迪跳投得分,但科比马上回敬三分并帮助湖人领先了11分。此后,戴维斯3次内线进攻得手,他单节贡献了10分,不过此后科比再次爆发,他连续抢下两个进攻篮板,随后二次进攻得分。随着砍下10分的科比被换下,鹈鹕打出一波14-0的小高潮,将比分反超。湖人首节以26-28落后鹈鹕。   鹈鹕首发:科尔、琼斯、阿西克、戴维斯、阿隆佐-基   湖人首发:克拉克森、威廉姆斯、希伯特、兰德尔、科比   (鸾台)相关的主题文章: