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The focus of Science: why pandas from "endangered" to "vulnerable" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Geneva (reporter Zhang Miao) in September 12, the international organization recently panda involving dangerous state changed, causing concern and extensive discussion. In the current China protection measures "national treasure" awesome, increase in the number of giant panda populations while facing the new threat situation, event parties — IUCN told Xinhua News Agency reporters explain why pandas from "endangered" to "vulnerable". Q: why does the World Conservation Union List pandas as "vulnerable"? A: from "endangered" to "vulnerable", should be seen as a real improvement in the survival of the giant panda, this change is attributed to the successful implementation of protective measures in place. At present, the total number of giant pandas is estimated to be 1864, the number of adult pandas less than 1000, at least a subset of more than 250. According to the IUCN Red List of endangered species and standards, giant pandas are in line with the "vulnerable" standard. Despite the current increase, the impact of future climate change on its habitat is expected to result in a decline in the number of giant pandas. Listed as "vulnerable" species means that wild pandas are still at risk of extinction. Q: Why did the pandas survive? A: the reason why giant pandas have been listed as "endangered" has been the rapid decline in the number of populations that have been split into smaller subgroups. China’s two most recent survey of the state of the panda’s survival shows that the situation is changing, and the good news is that the number of giant pandas is increasing, the population is expanding, and more habitat is being restored. At present, the actual number of giant pandas is higher than previously, compared with the third national survey released in 2004, is expected to be the number of giant pandas can reach up to 1864. Although the momentum is positive, new threats are emerging, such as climate change, which predicts that the number of giant pandas will decline in the future unless relevant measures can compensate for the negative impact. On Evaluation of the World Conservation Union, though the panda "downgrade" decision is certainly China positive signal the government effectively protect population efforts, but to ensure that these protective measures can continue to deal with new threats and is also crucial. Q: are there any risks of giant pandas being upgraded to "endangered"? How to avoid this happening? A: Yes, giant pandas will likely be listed as "endangered" again if the trend of the giant panda population is reversed and continues to decline again. If the protective measures have been put in place, the survival of giant pandas is likely to deteriorate rapidly. Under the background of climate warming, the number of bamboo is expected to decline, which may also lead to a decline in the number of pandas, and some sub groups may face higher risk. Pandas should not be seen as safe, there is no room for complacency in the work of protection. It is important to maintain or enhance the intensity of conservation efforts, and further measures must be taken to reconnect the giant panda’s highly isolated habitat, so that small subpopulations of giant pandas can flow and mate. The need to predict and mitigate the negative effects of climate change, and other emerging threats. In.相关的主题文章: