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The Fushun lottery 2 yuan coins hit seven lottery lottery " " first prize 496 thousand yuan – Sohu in September 21st, seven China welfare lottery lottery game 2016111st lottery, the current national first prize out of 3 note, a single injection amount is 496620 yuan, the Fushun lottery successfully captured a prize in the 1 note which. The note by winning the lottery is located in the intersection 100 meters south hospital Wanghua District Welfare 199th betting station sold. The first morning of September 26th to 2 yuan in the lottery serendipitously change, Mr. Wang (Surname) to the City Welfare Center for the awarding procedures. According to Mr. Wang said, he is a senior hundred-percent lottery lottery lottery, usually love, have 7, 8 years old, home is near the lottery betting station, every day after work will go to the betting station to buy a few note. According to Mr. Wang as saying his lottery has, is an indispensable part of his leisure life of the.   "do not want to win that is false, if it is certainly winning but also to the satisfaction of all, even if no Never mind, is to contribute to the cause of public welfare lottery," Mr. Wang said with a smile. With such a mentality, he has always insisted on buying lottery, according to him, these years, a lot of small prize, but always a little distance from the Grand Prix, the afternoon of September 21st, he came to the nearby lottery betting lottery, buy 4 note lottery, a lottery lottery for seven the rest of the change and machine, is a small change has won the first prize in the lottery of the current purchase, bonuses of up to 496620 yuan. "My monthly pocket money is not much, but give their lives to bring a lot of happiness, happiness within I never thought this lucky really happen to us". To celebrate the birth of this site and lucky lucky note jackpot lottery betting station No. 199th, naturally become the focus of all the eyes of concern, with the winning news the diameter does not walk, lively, festive atmosphere spread quickly. "I was in the morning to see the winning information, only to find the site in the award. This is my first prize lottery sales in 3 years, so to see the moment of winning reminded, less of a panic, but some more excitement, though not millions of awards, but it is seven first prize, such good luck may be there!" Speaking of site owners prize event, Pengyang smiles. Brief joy, excitement he began to put good news, tied arches, hanging banners, busy than they are happy the first prize. Pengyang owners said, weekdays he paid special attention to the publicity, even in a small prize, will be posted with red news. In the course of contacts, too stick, friends think this old station is a "paradise", winning popularity also increased a lot. Now, the station out of this note 49 yuan prize, publicity is not sloppy. Fight with gladness embrace with congratulations on lottery jackpot news came out, immediately caused a chain effect, hearing the news of the lottery and passers-by, competing into this "lucky land" get the luck and luck, you made me a phrase to talk about each other guessing the mystery of winning the main..相关的主题文章: