The gene net red (people’s new media one by one to see) – the media –

The gene "net red" (people’s new media one by one to see) – the media –   the Rio Olympic Games time, the media are riveting enough strength to a new color. Corporation micro-blog also wind through the Olympic Games, its reading number of record breaking 100 million, the five anniversary of the historical record to blog. "Xiao Bian, when are you ready to burst ah!" "As an official website of serious news website, can you talk about the feeling that you become ‘net red’ after?" Every morning, editor of micro-blog Corporation micro-blog open private letter, will be almost "Shuabing set the fans", bring a lot of happiness trouble". Operation five years, the people’s daily Sina micro-blog fans up to 32 million 400 thousand, the average number of daily reading nearly 40 million, turn over the number of over 60 thousand, in the national network media corporate micro-blog, always ranked first. "How do you become ‘net red’?" There are media counterparts raised such questions. In fact, there are three secret: people close to the news with pictures of people’s livelihood and they embrace the responsibility of media users. "With only serving" to tell the truth, go to micro-blog for a long time, only to take pictures" Today, the people’s daily micro-blog micro-blog comments, almost all fans can see similar feelings. Why so? This benefit from the legal person micro-blog news + expression of innovative operations. To break the bottleneck of micro-blog Corporation is easier said than done, editors carefully study the propagation characteristics and micro-blog users reading preferences, clever use of movie screenshots, text expression as news pictures from another dimension of the micro-blog 140 word limit. Humorous attitude with pictures, so that users of information sharing, discuss the desire to significantly increase. The netizen said: "I haven’t read the news, is let me pay attention to the picture." Changes in the mode of operation, but also makes the attitude of users of the legal person micro-blog began to change, not only have a lot of road turn powder, and even a lot of black powder". There are friends specially composed groups of fans, Corporation micro-blog to send private messages, provide clues and suggestions to micro-blog several people corporate editorial team expanded to hundreds of people, become a "think tank". Micro-blog is also on the basis of this, targeted to adjust the topic and editing mode, with the positive interaction between users, greatly enhance the activity of fans, forming a virtuous circle. To the bus for breastfeeding authority, power comes from people, and the ultimate aim is to reward people. As the central focus of the news site official micro-blog, micro-blog people do not forget the people’s livelihood drum and call. In November 2015, a mother was the individual users condemned in the Beijing subway nursing news, Corporation micro-blog and other media administrative micro-blog reports, triggering a lack of public facilities and other issues of maternal concern, in order to get the more public transportation, public places, special nursing rooms with lactation. In May 2016, micro-blog users private letter Corporation, said the national junior accountant exam declaredyesterday phenomenon. After the exposure of the micro-blog, the Ministry of finance accounting qualification assessment相关的主题文章: