The government of the Macao Special Administrative Region has deeply mourned the death of King Bhumi

The Macao SAR Government condolences to King Bhumibhol of Thailand died – Beijing, China News Agency, Macao, October 14 (reporter Longtu) Macao SAR government agency chief executive Chen Haifan 14 on the death of King Bhumibhol of Thailand to Thailand’s prime minister condolences, on behalf of the Macao government, and personally expressed deep condolences to the members of the royal family and Thailand Thailand people expressed deep condolences. Telegram said, the 70 year of the reign of King Bhumibhol, his leadership in Thailand steady development, for the state and the people, the people of Thailand have deep affection. It is understood that there are more than 10 million people living in Macao, the largest group is the association of Australian and overseas chinese. At present, the association is the layout of the venue, ready to mourn the activities of the Thai king. The person in charge said that the king’s life to pay attention to the livelihood of farmers, often to the rural patrol, a great contribution to the country, the Thai king died very sad. In Macao opened the Thailand grocery store, Ms. Lin said he was born in Thailand, grew up in Thailand, moved to the adult. She told the China News Agency reporter said: Thai King launched a number of projects to help the poor, the Thai people as their own children to love." She was saddened by the death of the king, and worried about the loss of Bhumibhol, who had no idea what his country would be like in the future. In Macao at the Asian tour, today in the tournaments all flag and 12 points in a minute of silence at noon, mourning the king died. One of the Games in Thailand is called "the king’s cup". (end)相关的主题文章: