The Great Brain Dump Time Management & The Gilbert Auction Industry-3edyy

UnCategorized In this Gilbert auction article I will discuss my secret of time management called the "great brain dump." The idea of using a few blank pieces of paper and then going through notes, post-its, emails, letters, bills, files and past day-timer pages and writing down everything that needs to get done. Once down on paper then the items are organized into categories. My categories are: projects/Gilbert auctions, phone calls, at the .puter, goals, nice to-do’s, errands, at home, follow-up, checklists, agendas and actions. These are the categories that work for my life and you can add and subtract from the categories to meet your own time management needs. Each category has a tab in a notebook and I take the tasks from the blank sheets of paper and put them into a category. Once the blank sheets are coordinated into the tabs you will just periodically add information to each category as it enters into your mind or onto your desk. Then once a week you will sit down with each category and from there enter the tasks into your daily planner for the week. So let’s go over each category one by one: Projects/Gilbert Auctions: Each Gilbert auction or special project that I am working on goes into this section along with its deadline. Every week when I look at this tab I make sure I am working on the special project or Gilbert auction that needs attention and begin to add tasks to the other tabs that I know will need to be .pleted. For example I would put "place advertising for Gilbert auction" under my task list. Phone Calls: Have someone take messages for you and return important calls twice a day at your convenience – those phone calls don’t get written in this section of the book. However the less critical calls that can be returned at your leisure do get added in this section. When you have five minutes between Gilbert auctions, meetings or projects you flip to this list and make a couple of calls. At the .puter: This is the section where I record tasks that need to be done at the .puter such as Internet research, returning certain email, typing letters or writing proposals. Goals: I put my monthly, quarterly, annual and three year goals in this area and review them at the end of every month. There is nothing more satisfying then checking them off as you get them done. Nice to Do’s: This is one of my favorite sections of the book because I record the stuff that before just got lost because I didn’t have a place to put it. This is where I will write down the name of a good floor tile guy that my friends just used and I might someday need or the name of a restaurant that has been re.mended. You get the idea. Errands: This is the most time saving feature that I have ever used. I record all the errands I need to run and then when I have an appointment outside of the Gilbert auction office, I look at the errands section and see what might be on the way to or from the appointment. I save time, gas and get these done much faster then before. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: