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Negative interest rate shocks: stock investment strategy to tide down ratio of fixed income bonds accounted for Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my intern reporter Chen Zhi He Jingjing Shanghai reported to you these two days, we are examining the internal asset allocation structure, for a negative interest rate at low tide." Specifically, the proportion of investment in the stock market fell to 50% from the original $60%, bond fixed income investments increased from the original 35% to $43%, the proportion of money increased by two percentage points to. In September 9th, the three major U.S. stock indexes fell more than 2% on the same day, the Dow, S & P is its biggest one-day decline since the June 24th British retreat European referendum. September 12th, the three major U.S. stock index rose more than 1%. But it does not dispel the concerns of Zhang Gang, a hedge fund manager in europe. In his view, stocks appear roller coaster, the surface due to the Fed officials of different views caused a recent interest rate volatility in the stock market, the deep-seated reason is that most investment institutions from negative rates caused flooding of global capital and stock market bubble will soon subsided. It is hard to imagine, if the negative interest rates and QE easing policy was revised, the global financial markets will be much unrest." Zhang Gang said that if the negative interest rate policy by the flood and ebb, capital leverage investment driven stocks and bonds will appear overvalued value return. Recently, the international financial market has emerged signs of a return value, including 10 German 10-year bond yields back to positive, bid farewell to buy that loss of revenue upside down 10 year U.S. Treasuries Guaixiang; yields rebounded from a near record low of 1.4%, stable in the vicinity of 1.6%. Zhang Gang said that if the value of the return of the phenomenon continues, there is no need to allocate too much money in the stock market and high-yield bonds (junk bonds), due to high income is often accompanied by unbearable high risk. Some people say the financial industry, the value of financial assets return, more recent Fed rate hike is expected to heat up the drive, once the global negative interest rate environment has not been effectively corrected, it will reappear QE policy arbitrage tide. Some hedge funds to do the worst, if negative interest rates continue to cause high yield fixed income asset class disappeared, waiting for them, or liquidation of the fund, or can only continue to expand financial leverage disguised to win high-yield. QE policy arbitrage game can play how long? This year, the Central Bank of Europe, Japan and other countries have adopted a negative interest rate policy, a growing number of hedge funds held in Europe and the United States and Japan bonds can not produce satisfactory returns. Bond yields are closely related to a country’s interest rate policy, if a country to take a negative interest rate policy, the corresponding bond yields have a great chance to fall into the negative range." Prudential fixed income senior investment officer Gregory Peters said. A British exit caused by hedge investment tide, Germany, Japan, Switzerland yields further away in the negative range. At the beginning of July, the US 10 year Treasury yields fell to a record low, to 1.3499%, the 30 year Treasury yields fell to There was no parallel in history. theory相关的主题文章: