The Imperial Palace open management office the busiest holiday 8 years of National Day holiday

The Imperial Palace Management Office: open the most busy holiday people 8 years National Day without Hugh Beijing in October 4th, two hours after the the Imperial Palace opened sold out all the tickets, this is the year "eleven" golden week last night peak day, the door closed, the the Imperial Palace open management office chief Lei Ming (West outer tube science pictured above) and colleagues was relieved, finally smooth through the peak passenger flow. A few days before the golden week, some of them persist for such posts, some of the individual events pushed back and pushed, but Lei Ming is the 8 consecutive year with the family can not live a steady national day holiday. Seven in the morning on time to work as usual, "eleven days before the golden week is the peak, the Imperial Palace museum is to open the door ahead of time for an hour, at 7:30 in the morning began welcoming. And Ming Ming and colleagues to ensure that before 7 points must wait until the first batch of spectators. Lei Ming living in the West Fourth Ring, in the morning to go out to the Imperial Palace, when the sky is not bright. Lei Ming and other colleagues, to the day from the capital from all sides came on duty. In addition to the official staff open management office, is not easy to hundreds of security guards outside the Imperial Palace, near these guys live in the Garden Expo, at 5:30 every day to go out, take the first subway to the Imperial Palace. Every year, "eleven" golden week can be said to be one of the busiest times of the year, Ming and colleagues. "These seven days we must stick to the post." Lei Ming said, some colleagues have a fever in some persist, and a colleague, I had planned to October 3rd to the woman’s house, because of the shortage, have postponed the. And he himself from the beginning of 2008, is eighth years spent in the National Day holiday in the Imperial Palace. To ensure lossless display flowers from 7:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon to open the door closed, a few days before the holiday, Lei Ming and his colleagues often in the position of a station is 10 hours. We should continue to patrol the area of responsibility, to provide services to the audience, at any time to deal with emergencies. Now, hold the chrysanthemum show is cining and Lei Ming cining Gong garden responsible, chrysanthemum throughout the house between the riotous with colour. "We want to keep our exhibition in the chrysanthemum petals fall, no flowers, no audience into the flower bed." Lei Ming said that the cining area open for nearly 1 years, increasingly popular, to ensure that they exhibit flowers intact, really want to open eyes can not relax. Beijing Morning Post reporter noted that in the hall and cining garden area, the road on both sides of the chrysanthemum neatly, clean the ground. On the same day, a light rain, so that all kinds of flowers are more delicate and beautiful. Lei Ming said that such a large amount of flowers can be placed to ensure that no one is damaged, on the one hand, he and his colleagues constantly patrol, on the other hand, also shows that the quality of the the Imperial Palace audience continues to improve. The red lion has broken net adorable Hongqiao to cining western region channel loneliness "eleven" on the eve of the opening of the new, is also responsible for the inspection scope in Lei ming. Off the railing on both sides of Hongqiao Shishi shapes naive, one Shishi a claw head, a claw placed between the legs, was friends known as the "jockstrap adorable lion", the photo was popular on the internet. Photo相关的主题文章: