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The intermediary is also gambling embezzlement 530 thousand customers first payment jingfangxingju money compensation JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) a Real Estate Company in Shunyi property consultant Wang, in the provision of financial supervision services for clients, customers will buy the first payment of 530 thousand yuan appropriation, used to repay gambling debts and waste. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the suspect Wang on suspicion of embezzlement has been Shunyi Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law. Wang, 30 years old, in Shunyi, a Real Estate Company to do more than three years of property consultants. Wang performance is very good, the income is not low, but he earned most of the money back into the table, owed a lot of debt. Earlier this year, a customer took a look at the king recommended a house. In order to facilitate the sale, he will be about to discuss the transfer of the two sides together, but the buyer wants to transfer, and the seller wants to pay first, the two sides did not discuss a good chat. Wang proposed to each of the two solutions, the first is to go to the bank to do the supervision and control of funds, but this procedure is very tedious, and the delay time, the bank will charge a fee is second; if the two sides can trust him, let him do the supervision and control of funds, the first payment of the buyer in his, and he will accompany for transfer, well he would send the money to the seller. If the seller’s breach of contract in the process, he will promptly return the money to the buyer. Both parties think time and method of Wang made easy, but after contact with Wang these days is worthy of trust, so the first payment will be 530 thousand transferred to Wang’s personal account. In August 10th, the parties after the purchase procedures, but the seller has not received the first payment, so the two sides meet to Wang’s Real Estate Company store ask. To shop customers found that Wang went on vacation, had told the store manager explained the whole story, after listening to the manager to the light immediately reported to the police station, said the employees Wang is likely to be used to facilitate the work, misappropriation of customers buy the first payment of $530 thousand. At this time, Wang had to put the customer’s 530 thousand first payment most used to repay gambling debts, the rest of the money he squandered much. Wang learned that his things, police investigation, and finally to the police station to surrender light in August 11th. Wang said that he would have wanted to do a good deal, but when 530 thousand yuan a large sum of money to his personal account, he can not control their own. Want to owe a debt ass, Wang could not repress his greed. At present, the suspect Wang was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement by the Shunyi Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law, he and his family have to compensate the customer more than 53 yuan. > > suggesting that the real estate fund supervision does not entrust individuals involved in the amount of money involved in the real estate transaction process, buyers and sellers in the event of a trap in the transaction, may suffer huge losses. In order to avoid risks, financial security, financial supervision of the two sides can entrust the third party, but must be entrusted to a qualified company or through bank regulation, do not save map and entrust personal supervision, so as not to companies or individuals in the money is received after Yao lost, simple may bring endless trouble temporarily. (JINGWAH times)相关的主题文章: