The International .petitiveness Of China Punching Die Industry Has Substantially

Marketing Punching dies are necessary technological blow molding machine equipments during punching manufacture, and they are technological-intensive products. The quality, production efficiency and production costs of punching hex bolt parts are directly related to die design and manufacture. With the rapid development of automobile slitting machine industry, the dies that serve automobile production also have rapidly pvc fitting development in recent years. There are many different types of dies used for automobile production, but the punching dies and plastic dies are the two categories that have the largest amount of usage. The dies used for automobile often account for more than 40% of their entire die production in some countries, where the automobile industry are highly developed. After several years of cip development, at present Chinese dies that serve automobiles have accounted for about one third of all dies. In the automobile dies blow molding machine that account for one third of all dies, the punching dies account for about 50%, so from this we can see that the automobile punching dies have an important position in mold industry and the automobile industry. Especially the automotive panel dies, they are directly related to the auto models, and so its status is particularly important. The auto pressing molds are the main part of punching dies, which account for about more than 40%. According to China Customs plastic valve statistics showing that between the year of 2005 and 2008, the exportation of Chinese punching die products all had substantial growth. In 2008, even if suffering the influence of global bag making machine financial crisis, Chinese punching die exports amounted to $ 411,000,000, which increased by 26% .pared with $ 326,000,000 in 2007. In addition, under the situation that the total demand of the global market declined in 2009, the punching dies quantity that purchased by international buyers through the Gasgoo hose Network still increased against the tendency. From the perspective of annual purchase situation, the overall trend tended to increase. Among them, the recovery was significant in the second half of 2009, the purchase frequency of the Gasgoo Network was about 616, which had increased by 114% .pared with the 288 frequency in the fist half of 2009. From the above figures we can see that in recent years, China’s punching die exports have increased dramatically, and the international .petitiveness of Chinese punching dies is advancing continuously. With the automobile valve industry developing with more than 20% growth rate in recent years, as well as the stimulation of the auto model change accelerating and some other factors, the punching die enterprises and die products that enter the automobile field have had a substantial increase over previous years. The auto .panies also have made higher requirements on die product quality, which can promote die valves enterprises to improve quickly and increase the level continuously. Meanwhile, the significant growth of die export also has largely driven the increase of die level. These all have promoted punching die enterprises to increase their .petitiveness. In addition, the punching die .panies also have attached great importance to improve valve sales channels and expand international .petitiveness through information management. Take the Gasgoo Network as an example, at present more than 200 punching die .panies have chosen to cooperate with the Gasgoo Network and developed pipe fitting domestic and foreign buyers through the platform. Above provided by SelectChina.. , and find more information on China Machinery News / China Machinery Manufacturers / China Machinery Products . About the Author: Flawlessly Optimized On-page Seo Checklist By: Charlie Hahn – OneDaySeo supplies month-to-month Search Engine Optimization packages which result in a substantial increase of online sales, success, and also expense effectiveness for our clients. Even more .pared to that, we begin working on all orders in 24h o … Tags: Why Is It More Advantageous To Pick An Affiliate Network That Have Instant .missions? By: Audrey L. Langley – If you’ve heard the phrase affiliate marketing in the past then you know the two exceptional industry called ClickBank and PayDot.. 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