The man was urging colleagues argue the foot knife stabbed – Beijing for odor

The man was urging colleagues argue the foot knife stabbed – Beijing reporter for odor (reporter Yang Yu correspondent Ding Qigang Ding?) because of suspected foot stink man colleagues, man had a knife to stab colleagues abdomen. Yesterday, on suspicion of intentional injury crime, Liu was sentenced to criminal detention by the police in Dongxihu. The 25 year old Liu, who lives in Jianli County, Hubei City, Jingzhou ho Bo Wang Qiao zhen. At the beginning of October this year, Liu came to Wuhan Dongxihu Zoumaling Office of a Human Resources Inc to work. And Laohekou City, Hubei, 28 year old Zhao, who lived in the company’s staff quarters. October 23rd this year, 8 in the evening, under the banner of barefoot Liu and another colleague in the dormitory chess. Because Liu did not wash their feet in the dorm to rest Zhao advised Liu Mouxian to unbearable foot odor, feet, and then play chess. Liu verbal promise, but did not get up. Zhao’s constant urging, causing Liu’s antipathy, the two subsequently heated altercation. Quarrel, Zhao repeatedly accused Liu foot too smelly, enraged, Liu suddenly picked up a fruit knife toward Zhao left abdomen stabbed, causing Zhao left abdomen injured, was rushed to the hospital escape. After the incident, the Dongxihu Public Security Bureau Zoumaling police quickly organized police to escape the crime Master Liu hunt. Yesterday, the Zoumaling police station multi Mopai, Liu learned in Dongxihu Willow Village Ma Ling another rental office, police decisive attack, Liu arrested.相关的主题文章: