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The museum museum featured the Adventures: reunion tour guide – Sohu tourism reunion, you are an adventure island. I have been to many islands, well, Maldives, seychelles. But the French reunion, is different. Go after like a mole in the heart, forget to forget. The museum featured reunion tour guide, graphic Author: Ren ziyu. La Reunion in India ocean, is the overseas province of France, a volcano eruption of the island. The story of "treasure island" in the wealth of treasure island is also based on the prototype. Adventure experience, wonderful scenery, French mixed Kerrey orr the delicacy. I would like to share with you some of the museums that I have visited, and I will go to visit some of the museums where I have always liked. In such an area of 2512 square kilometers of the island, the museum is much more than imagination. Of course, size and size are different, but equally interesting. To understand the local culture and history are interesting features in the local experience, and even buy something out of the ordinary gift, visit the museum will bring unexpected harvest. Wood carving, stone carving, coconut leaf weaving, spices, coffee, sugar, rum Bourbon distillery, a small garden can be a museum, there are a variety of hand and coffee and rum tasting experience. Who said that there is no small island rich cultural content of the play? I don’t have enough time. Achieve a small goal, in the India ocean has a vanilla garden. If so, I want to be a happy farmer. Travel can always learn a lot of new knowledge, to the reunion of famous Bourbon vanilla plantations. Herbs not only have the function of seasoning, but also can be used to make perfume or extract oil. We believe that our lives are filled with vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake, Vanilla Pudding vanilla, then what kind of? Vanilla is the world’s second most valuable cash crops, speaking of vanilla, should not be unfamiliar, like dessert, especially the people who love it sweet. "Vanilla ice cream", "vanilla chocolate" with "vanilla" vanilla seeds. Reunion is the world’s largest vanilla plantations, planted in the local production of reunion Bourbon vanilla is as an essential oil, which was made for Bourbon vanilla Bourbon vanilla coffee, tea, especially by the locals. It’s a wonderful place to plant a world of herbs, cinnamon, mint, and a lot of first contact. In addition to vanilla, there are a variety of colorful flowers, there will be dyed cocoa fruit, you can use its orange juice on the face of the totem, there are five smell smell of plants, there are many huge vegetation. By hand rubbing a leaf, I think it is the taste, with slightly spicy. The wizard held a few processed black herbs, to explain how to use the toughness, color, luster, taste to distinguish the level of vanilla. Take over the smell, faint aroma. Address: Domaine Grand Hazier, Allé e Chassagne, 97441, Du.相关的主题文章: