The old man cheated out of 60 more than a year before hiding fled after they were arrested 追踪309

The old man cheated out of 60 more than a year before hiding after absconding was arrested to buy a house in the name of friends cheated more than 60 yuan after hiding for more than a year, thought to go unpunished, Zhonggongmiao police station investigation on October 27th, and finally arrested him. In February last year, the police station received a report, the victim Lee said he was a friend Zhang to buy a house to cheat more than 60 yuan. It is understood that 54 year old Lee with Zhang was a fellow, from an early age to understand, there is no contact for nearly 20 years. At the end of 2014, Zhang suddenly found Lee, who earn a lot of money in the Hangzhou factory, always remember old friends, now want to help Lee to make money, Zhang also drove Lee visited his house in the central area of Yinzhou. Zhang told Lee, you can through acquaintances, with internal price to market price of 10 thousand yuan to buy a house, 1 square meters of house prices, with the price of 7500 yuan can buy 1 square meters, at the same time, Lee only need to pay a down payment, the remaining money to pay by zhang. Lee saw Zhang’s house is very luxurious, Zhang earned a lot of money, convinced that Lee’s son just to get married really need a marriage room, so he moved. After consultation with the family, Lee will be the first payment of 170 thousand yuan zhang. Later, Zhang under the guise of pay property charges, taxes, buy a store room for various reasons, and to Lee away more than 60 yuan. Later, Lee Zhang mentioned as long as what time can take the house, Zhang total of the meeting, travel and other various reasons to shirk others. Later, Lee found that the call to send information to Zhang, has not received a reply, Lee realized that he was cheated, came to the police station to report to the temple. Alarm police immediately rushed to the home of Zhang, but he has absconded, after the police investigation, has been unable to find their whereabouts. Until October 23rd of this year, the police get clues, found Zhang appeared again in Yinzhou District. October 27th, Zhang was arrested. Under questioning, the suspect Zhang confessed that he did not help his old friends to buy a house, the money was fooled by its gambling. Yinzhou News Network (reporter correspondent Chen Yuyu Peng Huizhen)相关的主题文章: