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The patient has not registered directly needle bloodletting Hudong hospital comprehensive rectification of TCM Department of pain patients in Shanghai is not chaos Hudong hospital registration, direct pricking bloodletting. After treatment, the doctor will ask the patient to pay cash. And the Department of interior, and unidentified persons, for patients treated by bloodletting. This series of fantastic things, appeared in Shanghai Hudong hospital pain medicine Kone. On the evening of 3, this kind of chaos after the exposure, caused the attention of the competent department of. Pudong New Area Wei Planning Commission jointly with the Bureau, the night of the hospital and the people involved in the investigation. The afternoon of November 4th, news reporters came to see Knews Hudong hospital again, a few days ago also crowded pain medicine department have Hugh examination, also posted a notice at the door. 3 evening, at the end of 10, Pudong New Area Wei Planning Commission Joint Security Bureau, the relevant parties involved in news reports will be notified to the hospital one by one, respectively, the investigation transcripts. After overnight investigation, preliminary results announced in the afternoon. It is understood that the Hudong hospital is a public hospital enterprise, the unit in charge of Hudong Shipyard, after private capital injection, the nature of mixed ownership, doctors can take the employment system. Yesterday, the news exposure doctor Zhang Jingrong, is the last year to. According to the investigation, Zhang Jingrong has " doctor qualification certificate " and " doctor practicing certificate. The hospital admitted that Chinese medicine of pain, only Zhang Jingrong a doctor, she currently verified, in the treatment process, the existence of no registered admissions, failing to write history and other irregularities. As for Doctor Zhang openly in the Department commenced, commensurate with the outsiders of teachers and students, hospital officials said did not know, belong to the party without the consent of scholastic, illegal teaching students; and the relevant departments pointed out that the hospital or oversight. In the 3 days program, but also to see the unidentified woman, openly in the Department for patients treated by Bloodletting picture. Then the woman is what position? In this regard, the Pudong New Area health planning and medical administration director Li Ming said, the woman is from a county of Qinghai Red Cross Hospital Department of traditional Chinese medicine doctor is admiring, but this study has not been filed, no relevant formalities. Practice in different places, if learning, to learn the procedures. If the change over, to have the practice of registration, with the teaching of the relevant qualifications. 3, the report also mentioned that after the end of treatment, Dr. Zhang will take the initiative to use the student health insurance card swipe, so that patients directly to pay cash. On the evening of 3, Pudong New Area medical insurance affairs center reported the transfer of the insurance card holders of traditional Chinese medicine information in the investigation, at present the preliminary elimination of the potentially fraudulent acts of cash. These claims to be paid to the students in the end, without any record, directly into the pockets of Dr. Zhang Jingrong. Like this doctor privately charges behavior, is also illegal. The health sector, such as Hudong hospital enterprise hospital, do not belong to the guard Planning Commission, Planning Commission responsible for the audit usually only do medical qualification, personnel access, technology and quality control inspection record, one to two times every year. Other daily regulation is limited. At present, the Pudong New Area health and Family Planning Commission, has instructed Shanghai Hudong hospital today to carry out a comprehensive rectification, the relevant responsible person, serious course)相关的主题文章: