The postal savings bank branch in Liuzhou City, helping the poor students have been on the

Postal Savings Bank of Liuzhou branch of poverty alleviation has been on the road "uncle aunt, thank you for your concern, but also thanks to the postal savings bank for our support, we will study hard, grow up, must repay the motherland."." This is a scene of moving in the safe primary school of good Zhai Zhai county. The postal savings bank branch in Liuzhou City, actively participate in the Liuzhou municipal government precise poverty alleviation work, care about the poor mountain left-behind children, recently, to celebrate the "61" the international children’s Day theme, launched the "poverty alleviation" care of left-behind children public student activities, to the safety of the primary school students sent sports supplies, school supplies and other holiday gifts. And the staff of the bank to raise 11782.2 yuan of money, personally handed over security Montessori two sisters in primary school children. Good village is the farthest away from the county town, the students in the primary school of safe primary school, every day to go a long distance to school, traffic is very inconvenient. In early 2015, the branch launched the "three rural" financial poverty alleviation series of research work, came to the good zhai. With the rural village of communication, to understand security primary school has a pair of orphans Montessori sisters, 11 year old sister, sister 9 years old, her father died in 2013 in a traffic accident, and his mother because of unbearable pressure of life, so far away from home, missing, and two sisters grandparents can only rely on advanced in age family support, life is very difficult. Faced with such a family dilemma, the sisters are very optimistic, clever, sensible, and actively help grandfather and grandmother work to share housework. After knowing the experience of the two sisters, the branch decided to organize the staff to donate their love and help them solve their life problems in the whole line, and help them continue to go to school, and give a little help to the poor and strong sisters. The person in charge of the branch said that they will continue to do the work of caring for the poor left behind children, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and continue to carry out the activities of caring for poor children.

邮储银行柳州市分行扶贫助学一直在路上   “叔叔阿姨,感谢你们对我们的关心,也感谢邮储银行对我们的支持,我们会努力学习,长大一定报答祖国。”这是发生在融水县良寨乡安全小学的一幕动人场景。   邮储银行柳州市分行积极参加柳州市政府精准扶贫攻坚工作,关心贫困山区留守儿童,近期,以庆祝“六一”国际儿童节为主题,开展了“扶贫助学”关爱留守儿童公益助学系列活动,向安全小学的学生送上体育用品、学习用具等节日礼物,并将全行员工筹集到11782.2元的捐助款,亲自交到了安全小学遗孤蒙氏两姐妹手上。   良寨乡是离融水县城最远的乡,在良寨乡安全小学上学的学生,每天都要走相当长一段路程上学,交通极为不便。2015年初,该分行开展“三农”金融扶贫系列调研工作,来到了良寨乡。通过与该乡村委的沟通交流,了解到安全小学有一对遗孤蒙氏姐妹,姐姐11岁、妹妹9岁,她们的父亲在2013年的交通事故中不幸去世,而其母亲因不堪生活压力,离家出走,至今音信全无,而俩姐妹只能依靠年事已高的爷爷奶奶抚养,家庭生活十分困难。面对如此的家庭困境,姐妹俩还是十分乐观,乖巧懂事,主动帮爷爷奶奶干活分担家务。该分行得知姐妹俩的遭遇后,决定在全行范围内组织员工主动捐款献爱心,帮她们解决生活难题,资助她们继续上学,对可怜但坚强的姐妹俩给予一点微薄的帮助。   该分行有关负责人表示,他们将一如既往地做好贫困留守儿童的关爱工作,主动履行社会责任,持续开展贫困儿童关爱活动。相关的主题文章: