The reason for the election of Trump, because the Americans finally know the United States in declin wetnwild

The reason is because Americans choose Trump, finally know the United States in decline data figure: Trump old ice circle of friends of friends all know the old ice has been very Trump, of course, the old ice certainly will not admit the reason is because Trump would be at the beginning of the year and a friend made a bet, bet gambling is also very impressive, Trump wins. To be honest that Trump winning isn’t what the old ice has an eye or other what, just because it was not Trump, no one is willing to bet on gambling and old ice, most people still don’t believe Trump can win at the beginning of the year. While the old ice gambling, as long as you can bet, win or lose is another. Now that Trump has won, the old bet will win. Of course, the old ice should be low-key, after all, the loss of the friend’s heart. It is of course irrelevant for most people to say that the United States has a vote for them, because there is no vote except for americans. But this is "irrelevant", the president of the United States is the most powerful man in the world, his actions will affect the world, so the world watched the US presidential election results is very normal, from the perspective of the U.S. presidential election and everyone "". Finally, Trump won. So the United States will drum another opens, an ally of the United States who have to retype the other drums opened to everyone. Trump, however, should really win: Americans have not done anything bad, ah, why not win Trump? The choice of Trump is the only choice for the non establishment of the United States to make a choice, to say a sweet greasy positive energy: the choice of history, people’s choice". In almost all known as the "uncrowned king" of the American media against Trump in Wall Street against Trump, in Trump’s campaign funds are far less than the case of Hilary still voted for Trump. Old ice love said "what" Providence, when writing the Japanese Army history and the history of the Japanese Navy said several times "God bless China, see the U.S. presidential election results could not help but to say" God bless America "(God bless America). Trump’s internal and foreign policy, which he called for in the election, seemed to be outdated and not operational, but the key was that Mr Trump had seen the reality of the United States and had spoken it out. The reality is: Although the United States is still the world’s first superpower, but the United States is beyond all doubt decline. Hilary on behalf of the American establishment elite only saw the first half and insist refused to admit after half, of course it is half American after the establishment elite scrapped in this decade, not to go to the Middle East George W. Bush sell adorable, the strength of the United States is not to consume so, up to now even in the Middle East can not afford to maintain permanent duty carrier. The Democratic Party’s establishment this time. What "return to Asia", is not to count the ship in his pocket and there is no enough money to buy the ticket to return to asia. The Freedom of navigation (freedom of navigation operations, FONOPs) operations, it is said to burn 6 million 500 thousand U. S. knives every day, only occasionally, in fact, in the South China Sea in a hurry to continue the operation of the.相关的主题文章: