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The room moxibustion box caused a fire security door evacuation – climbing brother Beijing         Regal Court residential building fire fire last night dispatched 13 fire trucks the evacuation of hundreds of people         Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhang Danyang, Li Dong correspondent Xiao Xuan) "the!" Security anti-theft door brother one hand clenched fist pounding the household, shouting inside the occupants to escape. The day before yesterday night at about 10, Guangzhou city Haizhuqu District District Zhujiangdijing court a 13 storey residential building 3 fire, security brother from the 13 floor 1 floor layer to every household to household knock notification has been evacuated, the fire brigade arrived, the fire successfully extinguished, causing no casualties. It is reported that the cause of the fire in the bedroom on the fire caused by the ignition of the moxibustion box.         the night before 10 pm, Haizhuqu District entrance into the 13 cars roaring Zhujiangdijing court whistle fire truck, pierced the silence of the night. Reporters rushed to the scene saw the district on Hong Xuan block M residents downstairs was cordoned off, gathered around a large number of households, the emergency firefighters are on the third floor residential sprinkler saves, involved a fire in the house, continue to spread the sound of glass burst. After the multi gun pressure, the fire was quickly controlled.         Guangzhou fire department, the scene of the 3 bedroom residential area on fire, the first area of the use of dry powder fire extinguishers, but failed to control the fire in a timely manner. 22 03, the fire brigade arrived at the scene, rescue groups were evacuated more than 100 people; save water used to intercept the fire, to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent floors; rescue group on the fire room door to rescue, to attack the fire. 22:50, the fire was extinguished. 11 o’clock that night, the scene of the fire basically processed, after confirming safety, residents have to go home and rest.         yesterday morning reporter visited the scene. According to the introduction of residential property management, housing tenants for fire victim, the incident occurred a total of two people live, because of a sudden, rapid fire, two people fled the scene after forgot the key, followed by firefighters rescue fire approach.         after the fire, firefighters linked to the victim, that is put in the bedroom fire moxibustion box on fire, the fire the first time, the victim has fled from the fire room.         from 1 to 13 and ran 5 back and forth         security brother voice become real "smoke throat"         yesterday, reporters through the Pearl River emperor scene center was removed in touch with the security of brother Wang Shimei. In July this year, he came to Guangzhou, since late August has been in the Regal Court area as a security guard. "I received a call from the captain at the time, said let me catch fire"相关的主题文章: