The sale of 11.93-14.79 Wan new special transit – Sohu listed on the official car ca1871

The sale of 11.93-14.79 Wan new special transit officially listed Sohu Sohu [car car new car]2016 in September 21st, the new Ford transit Jiangling officially listed, the launch of the new car, in short axis low top axis top two body form, a total of eight models, the price of 11.93-14.79 million. The new car is equipped with 2.0T petrol and two 2.0T diesel engine, and the use of front engine front wheel drive mode. Detailed price table below: appearance: compared to the previous generation models (new generation transit), a new transit in front design inherited the latest Ford family treatment, the hexagonal front grille shape identification has very strong, short before the engine compartment is also formed a tight visual effect. The design of the car side waist changed the old models of straight lines also rose slightly, the vehicle modeling is no longer too rigid. Interior part: a new transit console with integrated design concept, the details of the deal with Ford style, at the same time, the same car interior material from the practicality, including dark grey car more Naizang in color and fabric wrapped seat etc.. Configuration: the new transit comes standard with front fog lamps, 6 to the driver seat manual adjustment, room lamp, 12V power supply, USB+AUX interface, rubber insulated floor, lock, remote control key, submarining seat etc.. In addition, optional configurations include electric rearview mirror, copilot airbags, reversing radar, ABS+EBD. Power: the new transit offers two engines for the election, respectively, and 2.0T diesel engine 2.0T petrol engine, which 2.0T engine maximum power of 202 horsepower, peak torque of 300 cattle · rice; 2.0T diesel engine maximum power of 121 horsepower, peak torque of 300 cattle · meters. The transmission system is matched with two engines for the 5 speed manual gearbox. In addition, a new transit drive mode, transit classic new generation transit front engine rear drive, instead using the front engine front drive way. The front suspension is of Mcpherson type, the rear suspension is a leaf spring independent, and the brake system is four disc brake. Functional parts: new transit offers two wheelbase and body height models for the election, respectively, in short axis low top axis of the top, at the same time, according to the different models, the cargo space (the car rear seat to the rear door) in 2.9 cubic meters between -8.22 cubic meters. Consistent with the new generation transit, transit as well as new rear door opening design, which is convenient for loading bulky items. In addition, the new top two based transit body size in the short axis, the axis of the top is low, can also provide Van and Kombi freight wagon uses two models, including the Van freight version car and tail door glass for closed treatment, and only three seats; Kombi two passenger version six seats available 3+3 seating layout, which can meet certain passenger demand.相关的主题文章: