The secret was titled Mosuo marriage system in the future

The secret was titled: Mosuo marriage system in the future? Intro: "journey to the west", the monk teacher and student learn had way after "west female country", it is a country without a male. The real world is located in Yunnan, Yunnan have a daughter of the country, namely the Lugu Lake Mosuo people. Lugu Lake Shizishan native lake has tens of thousands of Mosuo people living in female matriarchal family centered, azhu marriage life with men do not marry, women do not marry (also called Assia marriage, marriage for both men and women are called a-xia). Some of the legends and origin: Mosuo version of the cowherd Mosuo matriarchal system is not an isolated social phenomenon, it has a long history. The Mosuo people are the descendants of ancient Qiangrong. They were originally distributed in the northwest of china. Later moved from northwest to southwest. According to historical records, there are in the vicinity of the Han Dynasty in Timor matrilineal custom, to the Tang Dynasty, Ganzi territory a East female country, "Old Tang book" had been recorded in East female country west Qiangzhi don’t, vulgar female king. At the same time, it is in the south, the female man, it is likely that people in the name of the Mosuo Yi totem or call. Which highlights the female word, but also can explain and retain the relevant. And then to the development of marriage system, history have related records, Kangxi’s son Prince fruit Yunli in escort Darai to Tibet, also witnessed the local marriage, and made a "seven pen hook", which refers to the "women in the house go alone" is the women as home long performance, and convenient way, although some people go "reflects the local marriage customs. The light years, more widely in Yanyuan (now part of Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Region) many bad habits, many women do not marry. The development of Mosuo matriarchal system is long. Mosuo matriarchal system legacy, the most distinctive is the marriage system. This is closely related to its unique geographical environment. In between the Jinsha River and Yalong River, has a north-south mountains, in the mountains there is a deep layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, wide water, this is the famous Lugu Lake, Lugu Lake is located in Yunnan and Sichuan junction, between northwest Yunnan and southwest Sichuan province Ninglang Yanyuan County and Ninglang County Yongning area. That is the center of the matrilineal marriage system. Since the South since, due to the inconvenience of traffic, the Mosuo people have been in such a closed environment and isolated life. Mosuo people in contact with the outside world is very few, less affected by other cultures, the Mosuo matriarchal system and marriage system naturally passed down. But there are also several versions, epic records in between the Qiang people and the Tibetans had occurred in the battle, this argument has not test, but the Ming Dynasty Zhengde Naxi King wooden chieftain army has attacked the man well, quite a part because of the war and die, mostly women and children fled to Lugu Lake so, no marriage, marriage will come into being (Mosuo is a Naxi). In addition there is a saying: the Mosuo people are descendants of the Mongols, the historical records of Kublai Khan Nan Zheng Dali, through here, was named as "yongning". Yongning began to build permanent ningzhou from the Yuan Dynasty, was promoted after Yongning palace, because of the Mosuo people and tribal leaders to mobilize the army)相关的主题文章: