The sun rain in Ningbo tomorrow is shy with weak cold air-jiuyaogan

The sun rain in Ningbo tomorrow of shyness with weak cold air in Ningbo City: today the weather sometimes overcast with light rain of 16 to 21 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy overcast to cloudy local rain of 14 to 18 DEG C in Ningbo today: good air quality, grade II, the primary pollutant PM2.5 in just the past week, below the influence of cold air, we suffered a cold rain, the lowest temperature after autumn has repeatedly been refreshed. In November 10th, the lowest temperature in urban areas was only 6.6 degrees centigrade. But soon the sun return, a rapid rise in temperature, the highest temperature soon returned to 20 degrees celsius. Yongcheng autumn is so capricious, you should at any time to change clothes. Soon after the cold air, the warm and humid air in the southwest became active. Thick clouds cover the sky, the sun is only occasionally "a flash in the pan", accompanied by partial drizzle. But the temperature is very comfortable, the highest temperature is 22.7, and the minimum temperature is 16.8. In this late autumn, this temperature has been very impressive, the temperature difference between day and night will not be as big as last week. Affected by warm humid air, Ningbo is blowing southerly, the temperature will not be low where to go. Tomorrow, Ningbo will occasionally float some rain, but rainfall is relatively small. There will be a weak cold air tomorrow, and then there will be 8 northerly winds in the coastal sea, but the cooling range is very small. From the current weather forecast, the maximum temperature is still 17 degrees centigrade. From 16 to 19, overcast and rainy mode suspended, this period of Ningbo to cloudy weather mainly, 19 days from 23 days to more rainy weather. This season, the cold air will frequently come to visit, the temperature in the cold air will be a storm, retreat. The cold air on 15 are "insignificant", 22 days will have a greater impact strength of cold air, and buddies may have felt "cold dense". But the next wave of "an invigorating autumn climate" the weather, I am afraid to wait until after 22 days of cold air. It’s too early, maybe the weather will change, and you’ll cherish the cold days of absence.

阳光羞涩秋雨穿插 宁波明天有弱冷空气影响宁波城市天气:今日 阴有时有小雨 16℃~21℃明日 阴局部小雨转阴到多云 14℃~18℃今天宁波空气质量:良,Ⅱ级,首要污染物PM2.5刚刚过去的一周,在冷空气的影响下,我们遭遇了冷风冷雨,入秋后的最低气温一再被刷新。11月10日,市区的最低气温仅6.6℃。但很快暖阳回归,气温迅速上升,最高气温很快就回到了20℃左右。甬城的秋天,就是这样任性,大家要随时增减衣服。冷空气刚走不久,西南暖湿气流就开始活跃了。厚厚的云层遮蔽天空,阳光只是偶尔“昙花一现”,局部有小雨伴随。但气温挺舒适,最高气温22.7℃,最低气温是16.8℃。在这样的深秋,这个温度已经算很给面子了,昼夜温差不会像上周那么大。受暖湿气流影响,宁波吹得是偏南风,气温不会低到哪里去。今明两天,宁波偶尔会飘些雨,但雨量都比较小。明天将有一股弱冷空气影响,届时沿海海面将有8级偏北大风,但降温幅度很小。从目前的天气预报来看,最高气温仍有17℃。16日到19日,阴雨模式暂停,这段时间宁波以多云天气为主,19日后期到23日多阴雨天气。这个季节,冷空气会频频来造访,气温就会在冷空气的一次次强攻下,节节败退。15日的冷空气只是“小儿科”,22日左右将有一次强度较大的冷空气影响,到时候小伙伴们可能又要感受到“寒意森森”了。但下一波“秋高气爽”的天气,恐怕要等到22日冷空气影响过后了。目前时间尚早,可能天气会有变化,大家就珍惜当下冷空气缺席的日子吧。相关的主题文章: