The Toronto Philharmonic Day5 sweet and see the Hong Shangxiu sketch 瀬名アスカ

The Toronto Philharmonic "Day5:" sweet and see pieces of Hong Shangxiu, Sina entertainment news in Toronto today ushered in the two Venice film festival main competition, is also a popular movie awards season – "Philharmonic city" and "come". "Come" director Denis · he Niuwayin shot in Budapest 2 "Blade Runner" did not come, only two stars and 2 support; "Blade Runner" actor Ryan · Gauss Lin although absent today came to Watertown, and Elmar · Stone will walk the red carpet, the beautiful, not too seductive. Fans of the Canadian "native" the guy is also enthusiastic, even on the red carpet to maintain order security brother also followed the booing: "shout loudly together!" The Philharmonic "city" as the opening film debut won plaudits in Venice, stone sister also won the best actress award. Director Damian · Chazelles 2014 by "burst" drummer, a famous battle, but if the "burst" drummer is a slightly tender surprise, then the "city" on the Philharmonic is more mature, more ambitious, but on a higher level, it is the musical film already declining into the modern. It looks so beautiful, so people. Like the Jazz in the movie: it’s slowly dying, someone needs to innovate. Chazelle is such an innovator, and he succeeded. "The Philharmonic city" ultra high sweetness of the film is actually a conventional "boy meets girl, frustrated little dream stories, but the director with elaborate dance clips, romantic atmosphere, surreal and creative, touched the audience’s nerves, let a person shine at the moment. The traditional dance movies that will sing yiyanbuge embarrassment, in this movie can almost feel, although the stone sister and high commander is not a professional singer, but the film’s original song song sounds, that will enter the best original song Oscar shortlist. Two starring spark, every kiss, hug, every dance is sweet heart…… Dance of the Toronto audience conform to no conventional pattern fragment is also very useful, at the end of a few musical fragments, the movie burst into applause. This cute "Philharmonic city", will be the next leader awards season. "Coming" is a very high degree of concern this year, science fiction film, which is the original Chinese American writer Jiang Fengnan won the nebula award novel "the story of your life". In fact, from the novel point of view, it is difficult to become a film, because in the different narrative space, and point of view and the second person in the first person perspective and alternate propulsion, filled with a lot of linguistics, physics theory and knowledge. The adaptation of such a short story into a film, how much need to add some original content. Linguists study alien words, and learned their way of thinking about the novel is the most attractive place, is that with a poetic and sad fatalism, the film retains the core, plus Amy Adams superb performances, the linguist and her daughter "life story" looks very touching; the original part of the movie join, is the main person)相关的主题文章: