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The trial period was dismissed on graduates boss: badmouth me also absenteeism new network – Fuzhou evening news reporter Chen Ruofan – in the days before graduating to the Fuzhou evening news reporter Xiao pan reflects such a dilemma: after graduation to work only a month, he and the boss was fired because of disagreement, the boss promised to pay the wages are still not in place. In June this year, just graduated in Cangshan District, a creative culture communication company to find a graphic design work, the probation period of 3 months, the monthly salary of 2500 yuan. After more than a month into the job, because of the disagreement with the boss dismissed. "When the boss promised that July 15th will send me this time wages, but he is looking for a variety of reasons to shirk." Subsequently, the reporter contacted the person in charge of the company Mr. lee. Lee said that because of the work of the Pan said his bad remarks, resulting in two people have conflicts, and ultimately he dismissed the pan. Mr. Li said that during the small pan work absenteeism of three days, according to the regulation, this can not wage settlement. Taking into account the pan did help the company to do something, he is willing to settle in accordance with the number of days. But at this time of financial accounting, the company released a small pan negative false news on the Internet, and he was attacked, causing economic losses to the company and employees to bring trouble, so he said temporarily do not want to pay. Lee said he intends to prosecute pan, through legal means to resolve disputes between the two. For Mr. Li said, Xiao pan is not recognized, the day before he to Cangshan District human resources and social security bureau made a complaint, the bureau is currently involved in the investigation.相关的主题文章: