The TV hit pseudo medical intervention requires the rule of law 魔界骑士イングリッド

The TV hit "pseudo doctors" intervention requires the rule of law against illegal selling drugs, health products and medical services and play false medical advertising and other issues, there are some current programs before the notice of the State Administration of press and publication issued the relevant broadcast advertising management. Notification requirements, health care programs can only be produced by radio and television programming, not by social production. Strict health care program record management, without the record of health care programs are not allowed to broadcast. In addition, it also puts forward the specific requirements for the qualification of medical experts and nutrition experts, the qualification of the relevant program presenters, and the types and forms of advertisements. This notice, whenever attention without appreciation. At present the thousands of radio and TV channels, the medical health class program has spread extremely, and even individual channels, do spots ray Japanese drama in the medical health advertising point, jump out of onlookers, but also feels very happy feeling. Of course, the reason why SARFT issued a ban, the biggest consideration is that the current prevalence of health care, health programs exist exaggerated, false, fraud. These radio and television programs with the advantages of one-way output and the endorsement of false authority, in the hearts of ordinary people have a huge influence, resulting in economic losses and physical injury is difficult to statistics. SARFT’s ban on a piece of paper, the precondition is that the current radio and television programs behind the production company, there is a serious lack of qualifications. The so-called social company production, can generally be understood as those who do not have health care, health professional background of the enterprise. Prior to the existence of the situation is that the packaging without a qualification or not enough qualified personnel, the plastic caused by the authority of experts, and with his mouth in the program spread false information, exaggerate some drugs, nutrition effect. From the point of view of false medical Zhang Wuben’s case, his name is precisely from the storm stage Hunan TV started. The cooperation between the two sides has brought each other’s interests soar, but harm the interests of consumers. Known as Zhang Wuben was born in a Chinese family, but his father is an ordinary worker, he’s Beijing Wu Tang Health Technology Co. Ltd. business scope, nor he advocates "diet", he was exposed with mung bean and calcium powder flicker behavior of patients after they begin to see a liar background. Similar to Zhang pseudo this there are a lot of doctors, their reputation grew cannot do without major radio and television stations touted and support. Obviously, they do not have enough qualifications, really can only move their interests. The SARFT ban, perhaps is of great help to curb such false medical popular television but had to gain huge profit from, but did not bear any responsibility. Frankly, the radio and television stations that earn has been made, but the bear has no obligation. In the final analysis, radio and television stations as a broadcast channel, they do not have enough qualifications to make or even to identify the authenticity of the program. Radio and television stations as an enterprise, the profit is the first one, after the Hunan satellite TV Zhang Yong this, because of the interests of the stimulus, after the radio, television broadcast medical, health programs, the ultimate purpose is also.相关的主题文章: