The United States environmental protection mat weathertech into the high-end Chinese ekdv-273

The United States environmental protection mat WeatherTech Chinese after entering the high-end research and preparations for more than a year, the United States automobile leading brand WeatherTech Tektronix recently officially entered the Chinese guards. The guardian has already included Tektronix Benz 4S shop, car, car, Luigi Nono Bimawen Wyatt square, TNP and many other well-known automotive beauty shops, remodeled stores and 4S stores cooperate, Chinese website has also been on the line. Many of the love of the brand owner, after buying a car mat of his home, do not have to go through the sea Amoy or let friends come back from the United States back. Tektronix WeatherTech guardian was founded in 1989, just 27 years only 7 people quickly from a small workshop to have more than 2000 employees in the production and sales of automotive supplies giant, car mats and the rear cushion of automobile based products, the annual turnover of billions of dollars. The brand is known for its environmental protection, the Ottomans practical, high-quality, popular in the North American and European markets, is the foot supporting manufacturers of three German luxury car brands, the market share is more than 50%. Guardian of Tektronix brands in the United States is also very high-profile topic, have their own racing team at Le Mans, named a number of racing events, also sponsored by the United States for many years the most influential sports event — the super bowl. Guardian of Tektronix products to high-end environmental protection pad, has the characteristics of environmental health, good adhesion, good durability, easy to manage, North America is the highest market share of foot. Snowy or rainy days, you don’t have to worry about the rain and snow and road salt dirty car. For a child or pet family, the brand is not only the guarantee of health mat, also can make the car easier to take care of. In China, there are many years of experience in North America and off-road owners have been popular for many years. The key to success of high-end foot guards Tektronix brands, has been recognized by users and the application of quality technology. All the guards are made from the Ottomans Tektronix TPE material, this material is the internationally recognized health environmental protection material. The guards even developed several patented formula Tektronix TPE, not only healthy and tasteless, also do not low temperature hardening deformation, and gives the foot long durability, a foot pad can be used for more than 5 years. In addition to the material on the work, guards are paying attention to the use of high-tech Tektronix in the production process on the mat. In order to guard Tektronix flagship FloorLiner special three-dimensional foot as an example, the foot pad thickness less than 3 mm, but have many excellent characteristics: super wear-resistant, can use more than 5 years, and the car comfortable, seamless fit slip, a salt water that is clean as new, full weighs less than 3 kg to reduce the energy consumption of the automobile. The development and production of the mats to use laser mapping, digital modeling, three layer extrusion materials, CNC forming a number of industrial production of the latest technology. In order to ensure the high quality, Tektronix guards from raw materials to production in the United states. Tektronix mat home sales guards are imported from the United states. With the rapid development of China’s auto market, the rapid increase in consumer spending, has entered the stage of quality consumption, more and more consumers are willing to spend money on high-quality automotive supplies. Cars.相关的主题文章: