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The village has beautiful Zhejiang for 800 years, yet commercial Sohu – Zhejiang tourism Wenzhou Nanxi River, is the most beautiful rivers in Wenzhou. Along the river, hiding many ancient villages in the mountains, a long history, like, every day spent in the ordinary life. 46 km from the Wenzhou area, there is a village called rock head, has been slowly familiar with outsiders. The Southern Song Dynasty, rock village ancestor (1250 ~ 1318) in gold from the nearby stalls moved in the Xi Xi Xiang Li, opened nearly 800 years history of rock village. The rock head village, had to go to Lishui street walk. The 300 meter long street, there are more than and 90 stores, each about 3 meters wide, 10 meters deep into the two storey building. Cobblestone road, has long been worn smooth pedestrian. The corridor outside by beauty, for visitors to rest stop, stop and taste the vicissitudes of the old street. This is a quiet village, almost no tourists, the villagers lived a tranquil day, guarding the green mountains and rivers. Lishui street, the most spectacular time must be at night, the corridor of a row of red lanterns all lit up, the heart is warm. This is a water related village, the village water context clear water every family in front of the village water is clear, can be comparable with the Nanxi river. A seemingly unusual stone, also has three hundred or four hundred years of history, is the main channel of the villagers out, tourists are willing to stop. No tourists came to the village of the elderly sitting on the beauty of the rest, chat, one day unknowingly passed. The ancient, ancient trees, and Furuhashi, honest folk, for the village to stroll slowly, aimlessly, no time, go where to calculate, the only way to the village and temperament to match. Walking in the village, here you will find many buildings with pebbles, regardless of the road, or walls, including the ancient stage, local building materials, forming a unique architectural style. The beauty of Lishui street is doubled by the clear water. From the Lishui street can see distant mountains and near the lake, and Lishui street from the causeway, is also a beautiful landscape. The weather is fine day, the villagers have their own home food take out the sun, sun sun drying rice, sweet potato powder, dry powder. Such a leisure afternoon, this is a chair at the lake, intentnesses fishing, the water is so clear, there is a fish is also not surprising. Early winter day, warm spring afternoon here, some hot, trees are green with a wild profusion of vegetation. Along the cobbled road, one side is gurgling trickle through each household, one side is the clear lake, the vegetables and washing dishes here, water is the soul of rock head village. Through a cobblestone Causeway village, the mountain is so quiet and leisurely, I will come again next time, must stay a few more days -相关的主题文章: