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The wedding season with the memories of time – keep watch watch watch on the home of Sohu [] the so-called "golden nine silver ten", the "Kim Gu" refers to the September golden season, why September is the best season of the year? If you have a deep sense of the September, it will understand the flavor: September is not only the harvest season, but also a good time to harvest feelings. This is not just past September, half of the entertainment industry has been boiling away, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung loudly love, hand in hand into the marriage hall, Shen Teng and Wang Qiyi wedding in this month, after twelve years of long-distance love. Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung, according to the recent wedding very popular sentence, called the Bible: love will be late, but not absent. Hsu Chi either in the mainland or in the world, it has long been famous, because of this, her feelings of the road also is popular, despite Chang Chen, Daniel Wu, Liu Ye and so on, dawn star boyfriend, but until this year, her love was finally home. Stephen Fung and Hsu Chi met in the movie "bishonen", was also reported by both Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung fell in love but rumor negative, and just at the wedding, is the best proof of love each other. Gotmarried Shen Teng and Wang Qi Shen Teng is one of the very personal love comedy, from "happy twist" to the movie "Sherlock Shen Teng" trouble, give us a lot of joy. Different from other stars in the entertainment world, Shen Teng’s sex scandal is so small that even a lot of people do not know who Wang Qi is, until they have a wedding. Anyway, for love, we always wish lovers, have many expectations. In most people’s memory, the diamond ring is the most suitable love witness, but there is a moment, let me have a new understanding on the watch, also is the best witness of marriage. Remember in earlier, I come into contact with an old watch, on the back of the engraved line "XX wedding anniversary", and a customer, because of this, only to buy this watch. At that moment, I understand that time people watch for emotional memory. Mercier classima series MOA08592 watch if the diamond represents eternity, I want to cherish the present time. When the aisle, we started a companion on the journey of life, for each individual, this is the most important moment in life, this time should be to commemorate, after the time, is also worth to cherish. Mercier classima series of male and female watches, with tacit couple for portraiture, male models Ogata Toshiro, female soft delicate, knowing each other. Mercier classima series MOA10148 watch remember Shu Ting "to the oak" said "I must be a kapok, as a tree standing together with you", "every gust of wind, we greet each other, I think this is in line with me to cater to celebrities Klein Bismarck watches for men and women to understand you don’t need to, only to each other. In the September wedding season, keep time good memories with each other that a collection of watches, not easily won)相关的主题文章: