The woman was burned his waist to cut down 15 trees, landscape tree

The woman was burned his waist to cut down 15 trees, landscape tree original title: if someone hurt his woman burnt tree cut 15 landscape tree China Shangluo daily news (reporter Ceng Chun Haruki) in the 15 landscape tree village cement planted on the roadside, overnight were all cut off, the police arrested the suspect, 55 year old the woman Liu Mouhou, she gives her reason to let people know: the fear of the tree on fire hit their houses. Liu Jing Town, Shangluo City Shangzhou District Zhou Ling Cun village, near her behind the walls is the cement road through the village. 5 years ago, Haruki Tabori, crape myrtle tree in the village of cement planted on the roadside, now these trees are 5 meters high. November 11th morning 10 am, near the village, 15 landscape tree Liu family backyard outside were all cut down the middle. Shangluo City Public Security Bureau police station after visiting oyabu Shangzhou branch, locked the suspect liu. Yesterday, police investigators, Liu confessed that she is in the evening of 10 with a sickle 15 landscape tree all cut off, do so, for fear that the tree near her home, if someone set fire to these trees, into her house. China Daily reporter learned that the 15 landscape tree Liu cut 8 trees including 7 crape myrtle and Taber, the total value of Jovan yuan. Currently, Liu suspicion of destruction of property by Shangzhou jingfangxingju. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: