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Then the Korean maritime police strafed Chinese fishing clamor will be used – Sohu Military Channel text with map: South Korean coastguard use machine gun fire to China fishing. Global Times reported: according to South Korea, Inchon police department 13, released the news, 12 at noon, in the fight against illegal fishing boats China during the Korean maritime police once again use the M-60 M-2 gun and firing a pistol, "China fishermen whether there are any casualties is not clear, but the South Korean coastguard safe and sound". This is the 8 this month, South Korean coastguard issued a "weapon guide" for the first time after China boats use guns, but also the South Korean government said "second times to use guns to China fishing after. According to South Korea, "Central Daily News" 13 reported that Inchon Police Security Department announced that same day, the 12 day morning at 11:16 PM, in Inchon city Ongjin small Qingdao southwest 68 km offshore, 30 fishing vessels of more than China gathered. Korea maritime police think Chinese fishing "the invasion of Korea Maritime exclusive economic zone of 5.5 kilometers", "illegal" fishing, so send warning broadcasting. Part Chinese fishing up iron, to prevent the South Korean coastguard boarding. Korea maritime police think Chinese fishing boat "to collective resistance", then began to use water cannons to warn. But Chinese fishing boats "hinder the maritime police ship route", and "close the coast guard ship collision", according to the "guide to the use of weapons, South Korean coastguard M-60 machine gun to Chinese boats fired live ammunition 96. Reported that "no China alignment machine gun boats, mainly for air and water to shoot, but the maritime police team with the K-2 pistol fired 9 rounds is aligned with Chinese fishing. Chinese fishing boats. The report also said the police official said, 12 days because of poor weather conditions, high winds and waves, so not catch to Chinese fishing. The source also said, has been informed of the relevant information to the police Chinese, and asked China to rein in their fishing vessels. The source stressed that in the future if the Chinese fishing boats also strong resistance, then according to the use of weapons to continue tough response. For the first time on November 1st, South Korean coastguard boats use Chinese machine gun fire, with more than 700 rounds of machine gun firing live ammunition M-60. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said China South Korea to use force of violent law enforcement behavior expressed strong dissatisfaction, has repeatedly made solemn representations. China is firmly opposed to any possible threat to personal safety. The Chinese fishermen illegal operations should not be a public authority power for the use of Korean maritime police fire weapons.相关的主题文章: