They cite Oriental eyebrow & girl eyebrow Liuyemei Xun Zhou is full of story and gentle! 7470d

They cite: "Oriental eyebrow" & "girl eyebrow"? Liuyemei Xun Zhou is full of story and gentle! Source: love WeChat liuyemei subscription number: Beauty for eight (bagongju) Xun Zhou studio recently released "Xun Zhou biography" in Yi close-up of a pair of smart eyes, tongue sell adorable, smooth white skin, but for eight saw the bending of thin eyebrows, it is full of stories and yet gentle! Look at the pictures of Zhou Gongzi before, only to find the original fast brother born liuyemei, regardless of any situation is that a faint, unassuming, not artificial, very beautiful. Synophrys, flat eyebrow, eyebrow offensive…… Small instantaneous time will become like women eyebrow, from the star love beans until the bus conductor aunt, all people are immersed in the thick eyebrow makeup of the world. However, when we had Chuanyin "Liu Yemei, almond eyes, cherry mouth a little bit" is our Oriental female icon! What is liuyemei? Liuyemei, as the name implies, eyebrows two points, larger bending radian, was willow, distortion is not thick, from eye to eye end a long rear, comfortable make people see. "Female" crest in a "still peach face, low frequency liuyemei, the eyebrow hidden dew shy attitude. The first half of the partial eyebrow is flat, the second half is willow shaped with radian. The entire width of the eyebrows to control in the normal thin, so that there is a small woman feel pretty. Liuyemei = a young girl, girl eyebrow faint hook juvenile peace Princess image was one of her eyes, a tear in his live, with the noble princess, a cunning child. 28 girls with collagen, clever temperament constitutes a girl blowing feeling, and this is Xun Zhou still feels. Two, the ancient spirit demon month curved water Lingling, girl feeling burst table! At the beginning of three, the young woman long eyebrow bright eyes, sad look, with the spread of the long eyebrow, Xun Zhou can be described as the different ages of the most incisive interpretation of liuyemei. Liuyemei = eyebrow and the feature of the east to be traced back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties Chinese, advocating beautiful women, more slender curved eyebrows, eyebrow type also lost the potential for. The Qing Dynasty palace woman eyebrow makeup is liuyemei, water eyebrow, eyebrow, eyebrow oblique flat plain style, color painting exquisite and gorgeous, elegant and beautiful stressed. A concubine, willow bend and curettage can also control the eyebrow and the "lonely empty court to late spring" in the cool sister paper is the typical "Qing Dynasty palace" shape, the Curved Eyebrow hook. Two, the beauty of Oriental women Icon and our Guo Jizhang, as a representative of Oriental women, liuyemei is also the important symbol. Has become the hot mom Zhang Ziyi still remains a girl eyebrow, young age. Three, the standard version of the martial arts novels of Carman Lee Helen of Troy should is a generation of youth memory 80, 90, aunt liuyemei otherworldly, otherworldly. Liuyemei draw attention to three points 1 gently painted eyebrow eyebrow, avoid square too hard and too heavy painting will make the whole eyebrow looks fake, with a small brush lightly coated, pick up a pencil, flat brush, brush or eyebrows are good. 2 eyebrow tail do not pull too long, it seems that there is no spirit, not too natural, the whole!相关的主题文章: