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This is England, the most beautiful tea set in the inventory screen – Sohu [Reuters] Li Dongchen’s Bazaar by Fu Enhao in the Anglo American drama no matter meet bagatelle, foreigners will ask gracefully on a "have a cup of tea?" Tea has become a representative of the attitude of life. No matter how much trouble, tea will calm down and brave. So what are the typical beautiful tea sets on the screen? Small make up to popular science. Alice in Wonderland: blue and white fairy tale world for the first time to see "Alice in Wonderland" was the beauty of the tea. Blue flowers on a white background, a blue and white porcelain romantic style concise. The Royal Opera of Copenhagen, is the best Danish Royal Porcelain field, by the Danish Queen Julie Ann Mary was founded in 1775?. Is the European aristocracy who prefer the brand for more than and 200 years. A close-up…… shine in the drama series Dinnerware. Of course, this is also the Royal Copenhagen classic series. ???? Family portrait series put out small have been Danish craftsmen skill deeply conquered! Downton Abbey with: "silver spoon" aristocratic "exclusive" Downton abbey is a good example of what is called "the title of the silver spoon born". Looking ahead, there are all kinds of silver products. Shining into the eyes of the audience. Is a British classical atmosphere. In the early twentieth Century, the British aristocracy in the more solemn occasions are the use of silver tea, which is also a way to show the social status of the upper class in europe. Because it is stealing the silver tea set. Downton fans is obsessed with this tea set, specifically on the acorn website made with tea. This tea set sells very well, with the top of the list. Duchess: the tea set in the pink classic, the Duchess, is the most classic European tea set. Pink flowers bring a sense of physical and mental well-being. Royal Albert as the famous British Guci is very keen on the classic case of flowers. Pink Floral very great britain. Porcelain flowers, always bring people the feeling of spring. The king’s speech: another royal Wedgwood known as the "Kingdom of Jingdezhen", had a small bone china is also very particular about the use of color, pattern is relatively simple, people feel very comfortable. Have you ever been so beautiful here? In fact, the most impressed by the small series of tea or behind the serious attitude of life. Join the army of the afternoon tea. © copyright statement: bazaar network editor Li Dongchen, the bazaar network exclusive original, for reprint please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: