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The world’s most lonely place in the most lonely bar: the name is called "Broolyn" pub is located at a distance from the U.S. Highway 101 nearly 29 kilometers, a barren hills on the southwest of Broolyn washington. The bar is the owner of two different Lianjiu addiction patients, they have been obsessed with the protection of modern people as tattered antique stuff, including those of the traditional pub. Built on the edge of the stream, the decorations and their owners, with a nostalgic color, rigid and not easily common. The most famous pub for a beer called "Miller High Life", of course, if you say you did not drink it just don’t feel ashamed, try a little red foreground roar "boss, a beer bar!" he will look at you. The loneliest hotel in the world: a The Oceanic Hotel on the Caribbean coast 44 kilometers away from Honduras, the hotel is built on a huge rock. For this hotel I don’t what to say (it did not give us a referral fee, advertising) looks like all international luxury hotel, Seaview Room 360, edge free swimming pool, outdoor diving, but the others have, should not have…… Well, what do you mean I don’t understand?. This hotel for one night live, the cheapest room is more than 20 thousand rmb. Before you take it, I suggest you check your bank card balance. The world’s most lonely toilet: the toilet in the mountains of Altai, Russia, is known as "the world’s loneliest toilet". It is on the Siberia area more than 2500 meters above sea level for the next station staff precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, the use of. Because of isolation, employees every month can only see two people from the outside world, is a postman, collect the meteorological data to them; there is a helicopter pilot, to give them the necessary food and water. Oh, there are wood, this place is not can use the "bird in the manger" to describe the bleak, bare trees grew. I wonder why it needs the toilet, because there is a heating system? Maybe they need more chatting. Oh, I like the real purpose of this epiphany toilet. The loneliest road in the world: the road is already very famous. 30 years ago, "Life" magazine will be the No. 50 highway section of Nevada named one of the lonely road is quoted as saying: "it is almost what are not, do not have any interesting place, we do not recommend it." The road looks very bleak, Nevada section stretches 287 miles along the way after only 9 towns, two abandoned mining camp, a handful of gas station and the occasional coyote. So even if the old driver is not recommended when you boring drive on this road, but if you are confident of their ability to survive, we don’t mind watching it again in the movie "father-in-law" never ever meet again. The world’s most lonely vending machine: the world’s most lonely vending machines exist in the Japanese photographer Eiji Ohashi lens相关的主题文章: