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Thompson offseason hard boxing champion Philippines demonstration [Abstract] Duonailei is a Philippines born American, the incumbent WBO featherweight, Thompson also trained in the following. Tang God offseason boxing world bantamweight champion apprentice Donnell Tencent sports September 20th according to the "TMZ" reports, the warriors Thompson in the summer of boxing training, it is worth mentioning that his famous coach Duonailei muhammad. Tang God boxing is a Duonailei Philippines African American incumbent WBO featherweight. It is worth mentioning that, in the training in Las Vegas, the presence of Thompson figure. Obviously, Thompson also trained in the following. In this video, the U.S. team Thompson wearing a vest, a baseball cap back, punches Donnaire in the show, the whole process, Donnaire instructs Thompson to practice. Once Thompson Donnaire will miss the point, personally made demonstration. Of course, Thompson did not intend to switch to boxing training, in fact, for athletes, boxing in addition to enhance the strength, but also conducive to improve his footwork in the game. Such as the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, has a beautiful footwork in the ring, and is known as the butterfly step. Obviously, from Thompson to strengthen boxing training, the new season he wants to make himself more comprehensive. Every offseason, NBA players in addition to play outside, will also make full use of time to strengthen the training, to let yourself become stronger in the new season. In addition to basketball, NBA players will try some other sports to enhance their ability. Boxing has now become more and more popular with NBA players, this project is conducive to fully exercise the physical fitness of athletes, pace and confrontation. So announced the retirement of the Spurs superstar Tim – Duncan is a model. He often held a boxing training in the offseason. According to Toni – Parke revealed that in his personal career in the maintenance of a high standard of fitness and physical condition, and this is also consistent with his boxing training has been related to the. Driven by Duncan, Spurs players such as Parke have also joined the boxing training program in training. (Wen Tao)相关的主题文章: