Three men a play! Yao Ming interpretation of the wisdom of AI shark talent still (video)

Three men a play! Yao Ming interpretation of wisdom AI shark still [subtitled] talent Yao Ming Hall of fame in the reconstructed speech integrity of humor Tencent NBA reporter Shen Yang in the United States that, in 2016 September 9th, Yao Ming, O’neal and Iverson three people finally came to himself as the last page of this chapter of the players. Hang up and down gently. Selected 2016 members of the basketball hall of fame photo group, O’neal and Yao Ming in the media and guests under the witness, wearing a symbol of the hall of fame orange suit. On the stage, sat a total of 10 people, I am a family member or representative of the 9, there is no extra chair. O’neal and Yao Ming interaction, fun and warm heart. Other members of the hall of fame are also grave. The host said, AI did not catch the plane, so the ceremony can not come." A few reporters around him whispered: "Alan will do so." No one is to blame or to be surprised, first of all, this is always inevitable. Second, for so many years, every journalist who has followed him has long been used to the freedom to come and go, and even to control Allen iverson. That’s his label. Even became one of the reasons why so many people love him. Do you think this situation must be solemn, strict in demands on the tall? Iverson is like the first day of school to catch up with the school bus or run the wrong classroom children. Iverson dress still eventually appeared Iverson, directly into the media roundtable. He was so fat, T-shirt and jeans, Daikin chain hung several. And a pair of golden shoes that can turn your eyes on. Sit down is the standard of "Beijing paralysis". After the end of the media group, the three of them were invited to the Tencent and ESPN studio, sitting together for an interview. Interestingly, Iverson sat on the left side, then O’neal, and finally Yao Ming. Three people’s height difference is like a very mobile phone signal signs. They talk to each other’s first impression, and the most interesting story between each other, his most embarrassing impression on the field. Also talked about the current era of basketball. Iverson wanted to say, now the basketball is still very exciting. O’neal does not buy it, directly to grab the head and said, come on, now playing ball is too soft. The phrase directly said surprised two people. Iverson immediately said the incredible, I can’t say that. Yao Ming shook his head. The three person is like your door that meal cool uncle, talking about the age of their own, and this time. A person, a person, in front of the main jet, bickering, and another person is so happy to see. Yes, three people look old. Iverson’s face began to bloated, accounted for half of his face when his eyes seemed to be reduced to some. O’neal began some white beard. Yao Ming’s body slowly moving in the direction of the middle-aged men to standard. Time is a knife, years of bleach. The end of the past few days, O’neal and Yao Ming are lamenting the end of that era. Yao Ming said that the era of the center does not exist..相关的主题文章: