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Software Time attendance software is a major part of the HR system today, taking the organization towards effective HR practices and excellence. Accurate recording and monitoring of an employees attendance and movement is integral for effective decision making in every organization. Gone are the days when organizations had to maintain time cards, punch clocks, and attendance registers with sing-in and sign-out processes. These were not only laborious to keep a track of, but also came with certain drawbacks that slowly made them to be outdated in the era of advanced technology. Today, HR managers can keep a track and monitor the attendance time and movement of an employee right on their .puters with advanced attendance software. With this advanced technology system, accurate attendance information is achieved that ensures both cost-effectiveness and accuracy. Most of the systems are designed to be parameterized, providing ample flexibility to ac.modate wide variety of security and access. Standard attendance reports are easily available right on the .puter, with intense ability to deliver ad-hoc reports via integrated report writer. Besides these, the software ensures immense flexibility to the employees, providing an opportunity to get their attendance registered from a remote work station, while working from home, or other changing circumstances. Key Features: The primary features represented by advanced Time Attendance Software are discussed herewith: Attendance marking based on photographs and other biometric authentication conditions Late marking facilities Automatic calculation of employee salary based on number of working days, late markings, and flexi timing Leave application facilities Leave planning and entitlement details Employee details and calendar Department details Shift master Generation of attendance reports on a timely basis Benefits: Today, work places are be.ing even more challenging and dynamic. Work hours now include time spent outside the office and even beyond normal working hours. There are several employees who work from home, while on the move, or from remote offices. While all these changing workplace conditions have made businesses more flexible and dynamic, it has be.e exceptionally difficult to keep a track of employees work. Advanced time attendance software has functionalities that allow the organizations to cope up with diverse employee practices. The primary benefits of this attendance software are: It saves time and money in the way of generating detailed attendance report instantly right on .puter. With accurate attendance information, it also ensures that he employees are not over paid It is easy to install and use With its in-built leave support and accounting payroll functionalities, .panies do not need to invest in leave tracking or payroll accounting software Manipulation and buddy-punching is reduced with this software Ensures effective HR practices The software can be customized as per specific requirements With the advanced features and improved functionalities, the Time Attendance Software is fast be.ing an integral part of effective HR systems. Over the years, it is anticipated that all traditional attendance tracking systems and payroll accounting facilities will be replaced by this powerful, technologically advanced attendance system that is not only cost-effective and time-efficient, but also multifunctional in nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: