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Finance As the name implies, card credit reward are credit cards that offer rewards for using the card. this is the greatest benefit of these cards where they not only prove to be handy in funding your expenses, but the more you spend, the more rewards the credit card .pany offers you in exchange. The reward options for card credit reward are varied where there is practically something for everyone. It is up to you to choose the card you want, based on which rewards proves to be most beneficial and useful to you. You can get an idea of this by taking a look at the majority of the expenses you undertake every month. .pare the rewards rates of different cards If you find that you travel by air a lot, then it is better for you to get an air miles card. if you are one who spends a lot on gas, then the gas card is a better card credit reward for you. And if you are one who just spends a lot on luxuries or necessities, you could opt for cards that offer you points to be redeemed for cash. Now that you have decided what type of card credit reward you want, you have to .pare the rewards rates of the different cards. This is because the reward these cards give you is a percentage of your purchase. And different cards give you different percentages; some give you 1% of your purchases while others may give 6% for the same purchases. There are also some cards that will offer you a two-tiered system where you are offered a fixed percentage for the things the card offer, and a lower percentage for other purchases like groceries, gas and prescriptions. Interest rates of card credit reward have to be .pared This done, dont forget to check the interest rate of the card. choose the card that offers a lower interest rate. There are some cards that charge 0% as an introductory offer; but this does last for 15 months where you can save lots of money in this period. This is because with a 0% card credit reward, you only have to pay the balance amount of your card credit reward every month, and nothing towards interest payment. You could also use this 0% introductory offer to make a balance transfer, if you have any outstanding balance in any other credit card. With this option, you can save money in the monthly installments you make towards covering this balance and work more towards clearing the debt with this saved money. Find out if there is any balance transfer fee However if you are considering using a balance transfer, you have to first find out when you can make the balance transfer. Some card credit rewards state that you have to make the balance transfer within the introductory period while others have no time restrictions. Also check to see if there are any balance transfer fees to be paid before choosing the card. With so many types of card credit reward available today, you will be able to choose the most beneficial card for you by making all these .parisons and research. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: