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To prevent the asteroid hit the earth, NASA tricks – Sohu technology asteroid hit the earth has been recognized as a cause of the extinction of dinosaurs, although some scientists are skeptical, but most people still believe that the asteroid has not only led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, also at that time about 90% of the earth’s creatures disappear. Recently, the famous asteroid events that occurred in February 15, 2013 of the "Chelyabinsk asteroid event", a nearly 20 meters in diameter asteroid landed in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, killing 1491 people were injured, a loss of $33 million. All the buildings in the city were shattered, and the telephone network was broken. A meteor brighter than the sun can be much smarter than the dinosaurs, in order to prevent the extinction of dinosaurs in the event of a repeat of the human race, NASA is also actively monitoring a variety of asteroids. However, the diameter of less than 300 meters of the asteroid we only see the total amount of 10% of the diameter of less than 100 meters of asteroids we only see the total amount of 1%. So in June 2013, NASA launched the Asteroid Grand Challenge project, I hope all walks of life can help them to find those who may threaten the earth asteroid. Can be observed, calculated, published articles and videos and other forms of publicity, NASA is intended to be able to pay attention to the potential hazards of asteroids. But the point is that even if we can observe the asteroid, but the collision or hit, what can we do? Asteroid orbital change mission (Asteroid Redirect Mission) this is to say that NASA has started the ARM program, the full name is Asteroid Redirect Mission (asteroid orbital change mission). It is expected that by the end of 2021, NASA will launch the ARM satellite to an asteroid with a diameter of about 400 meters. After a series of exploration and selection of landing points, ARM will collect the sample with a maximum diameter of 4 meters and do a closer look. Then the ARM satellite will fly off the asteroid, and the next thing to do is to change the orbit of the asteroid. ARM on the asteroid to collect a lot of people may think that the change in the orbit of the asteroid by rocket propelled asteroid is not on the line. But the problem is not so simple, because the asteroid shape is very irregular, it is difficult to find the center of gravity. So it is very difficult to control the direction of the rocket, it is hard to achieve. So NASA chose to make a slow change in the orbit of an asteroid in the form of gravity. This is based on the Gravity Tractor (gravity tractor) to achieve, in simple terms is to let the satellite in the asteroid side has been circling, through the quality of the satellite itself to create the gravity of the asteroid. By this gravity, the asteroid’s orbit can be changed gradually. However, in order to increase the相关的主题文章: