To reproduce the employment data measured three thousand gold weak material to the demon. x3210

Xiang Zhengwen: the demon to be weak employment data reproduction & gold material test three thousand clients view the latest market news on Tuesday is not much, but the market was the sterling raging like a storm, staggering, will the true character of the most incisive demon pounds. Yesterday announced the British CPI and retail sales data is not bad, but the August CPI monthly rate in July to get rid of negative, an increase of 0.3%, slightly lower than expected, August CPI annual rate and the previous value of 0.6% flat, is expected to be 0.7%, the retail price index rate and monthly rate in line with expectations, the whole data is not bad. But Sterling did not show up, finishing slightly digested data, broken down 1.330 points below the 1.3200 mark and fell sharply, hit 1.3167, no major bad situation appear unilateral down, somewhat unpredictable implication, from a technical form, the daily interval finishing the lack of good resistance along, that heavy. Long run away, another 4 hours on the short-term rebound support line also lead into the broken bits, follow the trend set, further lower the price. Continue to pay attention to the UK in August the employment data, the data will not be bad, need to be vigilant if consistent with expectations, the impact will not be too large, the current weak market will continue. In addition, the trend of commodity currencies continue on Friday fell down further, rare polar bear market, and the U.S. stock market continues to decline, after the Dow, S & P rebounded Monday, Friday continued to decline, and further confirms the built July and August high top form, thus increasing the bearish market sentiment, by this refers to the commodity currencies fell Powei, formed a trend in the market. The whole collective non US currencies weak, the dollar index has stabilized to pick up 95 test 95.60 resistance, the dollar against major currencies rebounded throughout the year, in which the United States and Japan through hedging market, return to rise, also the trend of crude oil is weak, the dollar rebounded, pushing U.S. rose sharply. The current short-term trend is more obvious, the medium-term direction also need more information with the next week, the Fed and the Bank of Japan [micro-blog] interest rate decision is more important. Gold continues to maintain a weak rebound, Tuesday continue to test the 1330 resistance, up to 1332, but did not hold up, the pressure is still lower, down again, dropping below the 1320 line 1313, a continuation of the downward trend since 1353, strengthening the daily rhythm of the shock down. The fundamental lack of bullish news for gold, gold SPDR holdings recently continued to lighten up, Tuesday to reduce 4.45 tons, indicating that the market bullish atmosphere decreased, so to enter the rally is difficult, technically still to go empty, before the low position in the 1302 line, the possibility of further testing the existence of three thousand mark. The euro against the U.S. dollar: in the rhythm of the weak finishing, hour chart short medium term moving average formation pressure, the trend is empty, the days of concern 1.1230-35 short, stop 1.1260, below the first look at 1.1160. GBPUSD: Powei, 4 hour chart below the uptrend channel, Fanchou 1.3225-30 short, stop 1.326.相关的主题文章: