To routine, sincere secret treasure hunt, the lowest price! cad2012序列号和密钥

To routine, sincere secret treasure hunt, the lowest price! Yesterday, G20 has been the perfect end, teacher’s day will come, Xi greatly in the G20 summit, said, deeply taught me! So, Xiao Bian ordered a small goals for yourself to do a circle of beach goers!   first step to achieve the goal, a secret treasure hunt, the lowest price!   time: the weekend of September 10th (teachers) location: Dongfeng Nissan franchise stores to content: Objective: the secret treasure chamber of the lowest price! Registration hotline: 020-81510399  (for details, please stamp down) reminder, the day with VIP tickets to participate in secret treasure hunt oh! (1) the treasure box: pay 200 yuan registration fee, you can give the value of 88 yuan blue and white porcelain box; (2): customers can participate in the raffle tickets for raffle tickets, to win lucrative gifts;     (3) the national sport games to participate in sports games: customs clearance, win gift; a game: tablet support?   game two: shooting game?   three games: Archery game?     (4) the original box: give the value of 1900 yuan NISSAN factory explosion-proof membrane; (5) gold gift: 10 boutique gift worth 3488 yuan package; (6) extreme privilege: replacement car to enjoy the maximum 13000 yuan subsidy; (7) the ultimate treasure: give the value of 500 yuan of high-grade folding bicycle; (8) the treasure Car Buying Cheats: enjoy the highest 2 year interest free preferential loans, million yuan; (9) lucky treasure: every successful car customers, can be millions of large pumping appliances Award;   I dare say this is a surprise treasure hunt, you dare to Wanna date me?     in addition, small and give you a good news, you can get a stamp of the safe travel spree!!! Limited number, rush to grab!    相关的主题文章: